When is the paint discount?


Remember new paints were an thing when they got discounted everytime they made new of them?

How about right now?


Please super mechs why you removed the old black shining paint that was awesome please return the black shining paint again or let us bay on it on the shop with tokens similar to the other paints


This is a old photo of Dewah77 but watch the black paint on that time was amazing please return it again


They won’t do it.
Why add black paint kit when it’s already available at max myth?

Sorry for being pessimist, I also like this black shining paint, but TS has been very aggressive with the nerfs.


We all loved the Jet Black color.

It doesn’t fits in the game style though.

I don’t expect 'em to bring it back, specially in the shop, and even if so, it would be expensive.


Paint discount sounds good.


I remember him.


I used to watch his replays that pop up at the bottom right corner.
Good times.


Where blizzard dissolver portal?


Somewhere in a galaxy far, far away.

Get it? Cuz it’s a portal, and Blizzard Dissolver sounds like an entirely different universe.
I’m nont fahnny enugh


Plot twist bruh.

I also just realised that this is my topic lol.




kiss me.

No wait…don’t.

I just want TS to release an paint discount tommorow.


The paint discount will only be 1%.


i would kms if that happens lol.


Yes, it should be added. How about those items who do not reach myth? this means they will never be black?


It’s alredy been added lmfao.
But it appears very rarely…i’m sad.


What do you mean?


Oh my god.
It’s alredy been added at the past,and i want it back.