When I force-relocate someone does the OP left behind have spy protection?

What about agents do they still have infiltration ?


It depends but probably not.

Whenever someone relocates, be it forced or not they directly swap with the outposts they are relocated to. You’ll notice that where they originally were located gains the name of the place they relocated to. This means the SP associated with the named opp doesn’t change.

The exception to this is agents and spy’s which will always travel and cling onto bases. - I’ve had it before where I damaged someone, they relocated onto a new agent of mine and then immediately trapped and conquered them as they believed I’d need more time to get infil there. Its also worth noting that infil resets when you pick up an agent when relocating to an outpost.

So for you did you place any SP on the opp you force relocated the person to? If no then they won’t have any SP there (Unless added)