When i beat stage 4 new campaign it gives me a defeat

this happened to me twice on easy mode first time was when i beat the first 2 mechs it gave me a defeat and then when i killed all the mechs i got another defeat. im rank 11 able to get to rank 10 sometimes. i can beat the stage but the game gives me a defeat
EDIT:just did the stage again let my second mech beat first set of mechs but then i got a defeat.
this is wasting time and fuel i could be spending on over lords den stage 6
EDIT: i got another defeat after killing first mech on over lord den 6 wtf fix ur fucking game it is un fucking playable

Tip 1 : Dont use modifications and that wont happen

i dont use any modifications lol my mechs are legit

i just beat over lord den 6 so it might be fix will try stage 4 of new campaign

ok i beat the stage it seems to have fixed its self