When Fantasy 1 resets... Join Robin Hood's Merry Men! (RE-RECLOSED!)


We lowered the tick limit on most worlds to 2000 actually. :slight_smile:


and it sucks :(((((( :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually D ruined my Life tho. 5 early relics was out in tick 458 I guess before D ruined my alliance.



Reopened due to some player drops.


Topic re-reopened due to a lost player! Needs replaced!


Excl singing up for this adventure


*signing. you’re welcome


I expect a video of Jesse singing


that sounds like it will be a pretty traumatic experience for anyone that will see that


Nonono Kaen, she meant singing. She plays a halfling bard.


A traveling bard would be nice :stuck_out_tongue:


Just because of all of your ridiculous amazing threads you post that make me laugh, if a spot opens up let me know i would love to join haha