What's your thought of Heat Bomb and EMP?


So simple title question.

Here is my opinion of those two. They never should have brought into the game. So before I start off, I have them both on both accounts.

I’ll start with Heat Bomb:

  • So to start off, I’ll say that not many know how to use it. I’m really good with heat builds. Been using them since old supermechs. I could easily have used that right away, yet didn’t feel like being a dick using it burning others. I didn’t want the HB wasting room on my mech just for one move. So here is my number one reason I believe the HB should not have existed: not many players know how to use it. Those who know how to use it, don’t use it. An example would be players who over heat themselves. I’ve seen this so many times in battle, and the worse one made me laugh. They had the HB and used it, over heating them self over 900. Their heat was above 500. I frkn laughed. I wished I had recorded that. HB should not exist. It really doesn’t benefit heat mechs. Your over heating your opponent at the same time as over heating your self.

Now the Emp:

  • I’ll just say that the emp benefits energy mechs. That’s not right. Everyone know that energy regenerates after your turn. So energy opponents just have to use it on the 2nd move of their turn and bamm, their energy is back. What do the opponents get, zero energy. They don’t get to regenerate energy during their turn. It regenerates after. So, wtf. It be awesome when cool down, you regenerate energy at the same time. (I already know what energy lovers will post, Up your energy or make an energy mech. Fk that. I’m not a follower.) I respect energy users more who don’t use Emp. (Here is my retaliation against energy Emps, its called Heat Stomp. Works sometime and maybe not.)

So, I have both and just not using them. I can make mechs with them, yet not. I see more energy mechs in almost every battle. I’m not following that crowd.

That’s my opinion.


Heat Bomb lets you bust a fat nut on scum you’d normally lose to, enough said


As a heat mech, I can agree the Bomb is pretty suicidal. Especially when I’m up against another heater. It is only efficient if the owner himself has sufficient heat and cooldown.

The EMP, I don’t find it op. The 70kg pretty much restricts certain builds. I just find it annoying. The only way to counter this is to be a pure energy counter. Roundeds can’t have over 700+ energy. Heck, even with that amount of energy, you’ll be drained in no time.

Just my thoughts here.


Well, I used to play energy and heat mechs. I never used the H-bomb or EMP because I felt it’s a waste of space. Besides, it seems better to let other people carry it for me and use it for me, so I can benefit from it too. What comes around goes around, so whatever happens to me, happens to them too. I like to think it benefits me when people use it against me. There are times when I actually thanked people for using it on me, or I begged them to use it on me.

I got a great story about this. EMP user tries to drain my energy mech. Lol, he ends up draining himself. Therefore, doing the work for me! Lol! :man_facepalming:

Ok, here’s another one. H-bomb user tried to overheat me. Guess what? He overheated himself more, letting me finish him with the KO moves. Lol! :man_facepalming:

I love those guys. Although I’ve to admit, those H-bomb guys can be tricky. :male_detective:




my bad. fixed…


If I build a heat mech, I will have around 350 cooling and 700 heat, for the H bomb, This is the solution at the problem, I think that is easy to contrarrest.Lol I am learning very much the english, I’m so happy :slight_smile: the forum is how an Open English for me


I agree that not many people know how to use HB correctly; however, it can be useful and I think it’s good to have (even if it needs balancing). As for EMP… annoying, but with its weight it seems balanced enough. I think it’s just a bit on the OP side, even now, but overall it’s ok.


I think it too, I recently saw a few of top players using the EMP.

  • Heat Bomb is balanced as it is now :exclamation:

If you have free weight, a Heat Bomb can help, used in the right moment.

  • EMP is still a little OP

I would nerf it slighty again, same stats vs opponent, but higher costs :exclamation:





EMP is good. Heat Bomb is crap.

[POLL] Some Ideas on Buffing Heat Mechs

:joy: No words necessary


In simple words, Heat Bomb busts your enemies’ balls until you force himself to shutdown, but you get overheated by it.

While EMP literally just 1-Hit drain enemy until he can’t do no more, but you also get drained by it. And for some reason it can deal 300-400+ Damage.


They were required after the claw and zark (any mech could have 500/500 heat energy and pretty much dominate as they had 2000+hp, turning it into a phys game). It was completely annoying as an energy mech to fight a phys. Then you had the h bomb and emp. It balanced things. Ish. Heats and energies are awesome if you ptw. I think the h bomb is op vs the emp bomb at this point.

I dont really have a case other than the claw made these weapons pretty much required.


im one of those people who dont use the hb correctly :((

and im basically terrible at being a heat mech


Then be us.

Join the Dark Side of Electricians. We drain you, we drain them. And then, you WILL drain them :smiling_imp:

well, do you want to?


i all ready did never touched the heat


i mean i do have an ok elec mech but im just missing a snipar


EMP isn’t OP, tbh it’s weak and should be deleted from the game, on rank 8-10 I meet a lot of EMP users, put of 10 games again them nobody knew how to use it, they just used it leaving me with around ~100 energy and that’s more than enough to use Valiant + Malice, and after it I drained them and they quit, and I agree, most people also don’t know how to use HB, I was facing player with max myth HB and I won because he have used it when I had 0 heat and he had already around 300, these weapon are simply useless for most of the players