Whats your personal opinion on Bestplayeroftheworld?

No flaming , attacking , or waging a nonsense war intended toward besty , just want everyone’s thoughts on besty , please dont flag and this and get this removed for some silly reasons, whats your opinion on the ultimate champion of our game ?

Little update : Freedom of speech is allowed , just dont post things that is offensive


You’re looking for trouble aren’t you?

In complete seriousness, no matter what you think of her character/opinions/actions, there is definitely respect due to anyone who can dominate a game as challenging as SM. Props to @bestplayerintheworld, regardless of what you may think personally.


Like the post mentioned above , this post is obviously NOT meant to have any offence toward Bestplayeroftheworld

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This should be interesting since I know nothing about Bestplayer.

Just because you have the most medals in a flash game this does NOT mean that you should be treating people differently.

Everyone IS human , and have equal rights.
You SHOULDNT get over your head , and call people idiots for getting suspended in the top ranks chat , which did actually happen.

She has a very biased opinion on cheaters , heres how it goes :
If said player is in HTK , it means he isnt cheating.
But if said player isnt in HTK , it means that he is cheating.

Remember whenr resetting was a thing? Kevin Alejandro was a resetter in LLYL , which by the way , bestof was attacking a lot in forums and in the game chat.
But would you guess what , once Kevin joined htk , she semingly stopped acusing him of cheating , quite weird.

Bestof , this is in no way regard to be harmfull / dissrespectfull to you , this is my general point of view about you. Please , everyoe is human here , respect everyone. Nobody is envious about you.


Very good player but tends to start fights


i haven’t got any problem with bestplayeroftheworld till now.
She replies good when i ask anything to her or if she says anything.

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Original like other top players,thinking about ‘‘wining’’.

nice topic

As tehno said (he explained medal stuff in a great way)for me?i don t really care if a player have 29 or 40 or even 100 medals,i respect a player for his character,not for his medals,you can have as many you want if you treat players in a bad way and talk about yourself all the time

When i saw @bestplayerintheworld i thought that he is respected by all,i thought that he should be our inspiration,i thougt that he is a model of fair-play and friendship,i thoght that i have something to learn from him

Then i realised that i m wrong,i realised that i have nothing to learn from bestplayeroftheworld,i realised that we have different ways to see the world,and that s ok

Yes i want to join the tops,but i don t want to be like him,never,i will never leave my friend for a digital medal,i don t want to be hated by most of the players,if i will ever enter tops,i want to be a model,and inspiration for all players

Bestplayeroftheworld,this is my opinion about you,i really hope that one day things will change,and there will be no more useless wars


i too want to be these, if i ever will be :wink:

We gonna meet there buddy,in a good day


yes, we will bud…maybe soon :smiley:

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Hmm, dangerous topic
I would be lying if I said I like her. I dont like her, honestly. Her personality is quite hard, she brags a lot, she is all proud and similar. BUT, as a player, I respect her. Old player, playing great for all these years, many medals ( ah if only she stop bragging!)… We had our great moments and great fights, but all in all, I like to fight with her, she is someone who can step on my line. And by that I dont mean fighting in ladder lol


Never forget that only the truly great, give themselves the luxury of being humble. That is why we always talk about the humility of the great ones.

Some are famous and others simply “have fame”. Over time you learn to separate the grain from the straw.

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Marija good to see you

You are the oposite here,you have tones of medals but i never saw you bragging,and i respect that,as i said character should be more important than medals


Dont judge a book by its cover.


I never do that,as you saw,first time i thought that i have a lot of things to learn from bestplayeroftheworld,but then,things changed,in special after i came in llyl(let me explain this,so some players could not take it in a wrong way,after 1 day in llyl i heard things like:“you are another person after you came in llyl” excuse me,you see me in a different way just because i m in a clan? That s like saying:all arabs comit suicide attacks,like stereotipes)


Wonder how Besty would react to herself

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But all that medals are useless. Im not active anymore, my mechs are funny compared to top players and to what they used to be. I have nothing to brag for. Those who know me, know who I am, others can try meet me or hate me lol


He could read our posts and try to see our point of view,to understand that we never had nothing personal with him

Or this isn t a free forum anymore?