What's your dream weapon?


Storm Weaver if I’m not mistaken for the energy axe.


You erase the space between Storm and Weaver, but you’re right ^^


PYS: Rolling Beasts, Spartan Carnage, Mercy, Annihilation (myth)
ELE: Bunker Shell, Valiant Sniper, Windforge, Bulldog, Ash Creator


Annihilation is very good…I still haven’t gotten a second one but hopefully I will get another one soon and so will you…


I never got an anni. Mercy, Bulldog, and Reckoning as well as abomination would be great.


I think I had two but accidently used one to transform…:cry:… or maybe I never even got a second one …:thinking:


I want a second Magma Blast or an Abomination… so much… :cry:


thats extremely close range


I know. Long-range, I’m covered - but short range I’m weak. After my one magma blast I’m left with jumping backwards as my only option.

  • 2 magma blast
  • reckoning
  • flamming hook
  • advanced teleport
  • murmur
  • sparked runners

And legacy basic teleport with 1kg weight


Pretty good wishlist. Although there’s no point in an advanced teleport for a non-energy build, really all it does is increase the energy cost. I have 9 mythicals on my mech but my teleporter is common! :grin:


If i matched with energy mechs, i would use the teleport first or not use it at all. No need to worry about energy :smiley:


I suppose so - good luck on getting it though :smirk:


rolling beasts & seraphblade


Rolling Beasts for my phys but that my 2nd wonder item…
I love Stormweaver!
I really want one of these sexy axes…
Btw,my Naga is just my soul,not my dream item…


For my phys:
•Rolling beasts
•Plat plate(3)
•Max protector
•Second Energy storage unit


Wishlist: Rolling Beasts
Platinium Plate
Maximum Protector
Energy Storage Unit
Greedy to complete my Antares-style drones collection

and Brutality for my main mech, Redeemer starts to become weak :smiley_cat:


if trading allowed i will give you mythical brutality…


You know there are better torsos than the fish…
You have the truck,you have the zparky (typo intended).
Even the war helmet.


do you want to make a weapon for me