What's your dream weapon?


Mine is probably one of these:

Spartan Carnage
Rolling Beasts
Energy version of Crimson Rapture (forgot the name)
Valiant Sniper


mine are


Two magma blasts + a reckoning. My brother got one and holy hell, I’m actually jealous (before this I hadn’t really thought of getting one).


that is my list but the game hears me, he never gives me good things … not to say that he does not give legend although in this month he does not win any and last month he only won 1 of luck


i got rolling beasts

also ash creator is the energy version of crimson rapture


Mine is Mercy, Magma Blast and a Flaming scope which I have none of…yet


at this point i need a bunker and a platinum plate


i need a valiant sniper and a ash creator


a duck


& those 6 wich i still need
2 valiant sniper
Ash creator
Terror blade
Spartan carnage


im with ya on Terror blade


Mine wishlist is:
Bunker shell x2
Valiant Sniper x2

I have one of each so far so i’m halfway :smile:


since i have nothing worthy, i’ll just be happy whatever comes my way…:expressionless:

at the old times i liked backsabber…


mine are:(by most favorite order)
valiant sniper
bunker shell
annilihation(still dont have one)
magma blast


Reckoning - Obtained
2 Magma Blasts
2 Valiants
3 Bunker Shells
Ash Creator - Obtained
Rolling Beasts


Three Edged Knife OMG its so Beautiful


Fade Butterfly Knife


any fade knives are hecking good


Valiant Sniper
Rolling Beasts
The energy axe (forgot its name)
Bunker shell
Pretty much all the energy L-M’s and Rolling Beasts for my physical :slight_smile:


imma just looking for all maxed weapons at myth.