What's your best weapon?

show your favorite and best weapons off and see whos comes on top :smiley:

I think he meant in game… like what level and how rare

my best weapon?..i didn’t get it yet…
(valiant sniper)

My best and favourite weapon is my NIGHTFALL

Last words and malice beams , fell in love with them since the release with simple build of malice beam/Hysterya + Twin Last Words

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All wepon’s that can be myth.

@TheWindWeaver…to bad you changed your avatar…i loved it…
altough, if you are in the picture, you are pretty…:slight_smile:

@TheWindWeaver…nice that you changed it back
i always imagine you like your avatar…a happy upbeat person.:slightly_smiling_face:

Much appreciated @PFAHLMANN
also , can i see your mech in game ?

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i am to low in rank…i don’t think that you will see me in this century…:rofl:

Whoops , i mistaked you with another top player back then , still , thanks.

well…i was a top player before the new release…but it was a LONG time ago…
btw what is your ingame name?

Adeline Navya Von Wittenberg
Named after my favorite unit which is used in my avatar


a nice prussian sounding name…

didn’t you write in your intro about something the rebel army research center
that is where your unit?
which clan are you in?

Currently i dont have any clan , just play to get off boredom

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there is a whole (real) world out there…so much to see to learn to experience…how can you be bored?
(sorry to say)

My myth malice beam

my best weapon ?
Nightfall for the versality (except when drained, then useless XD), and Annihilation for the close range/backup weapon

(I would love to have Bloodweep or Desert Fury, to see if I can do something out them ^^)

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my best weapon is this … all the weapons that I use are free epic … that’s why I always resist defeats…but 60% u lose

your kind of right i meant whos which weapon of yours is the most powerful and which is your all time favorite of all your weapons

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