What's with E1 deadpool?


is this like a joke round or something? do people have nothing better to do than to hand out all they own to a sole player just for a high score?

like, really?


Handout, not quite. He took most. Yes some are handing over, but more so to speed up the era. He’s got 500 some R5 from all the warring he did. And over 1000 conquers. No one really wants to deal with fighting him at this point. Killed 700+ of my members veh with no nukes or spies and lost 30 armor.


yes , we e1 people love giving away our xtals and disbanding our armies. Its so much fun. on all other server people fight each other and its almost same type of war and very boring , so we thought why not do something diffrent , so we all handed our xtals to 1 player and when he come to kill us , we disbanded our armies , we improvised. Nelson mandela taught us that. and i heard he learned it from Gandhi.


I cant even tell if this is sarcasm


Sarcasm? This is the reality we live in.


Dont believe them dude, :unamused:
This is all a failed aprils fool prank made by Alex, He Forgot his calenders behind schedule.


@bababa i say to you the same as Kaen. even though you’re being sarcastic, it’s so sad. that the people would be so weak as to lose against a sole player. i mean stuff happens but to a degree you’re not only giving up but you’re handing out your crystals.

@malice and i know what you said makes some sort of sense but it’s so lame you know? like why not just die anyways? will your alliance even get to be top 3?(havent check era recently)

and it’s not even just you guys, it’s the rest of his alliance too. I truly don’t have a right to say what they can do or any of you for that matter with your relics and your crystals but them getting conquered by some nobody and deadpool taking some 300(i wasn’t paying too close attention) crystals and all their relics too. it’s just weird. like, things are so incredulous.

and if you don’t mind me assuming, it feels like people literally gave up because they want to be part of an era where the guy had the highest score. there’s no ‘glory’ there. no one else gets to be proud but deadpool.

the whole thing is so lame.

and i hope i’m not the only one that feels that way.because this is pretty LAME.


We did die anyways. He decimated any armies that didn’t log in on time with near zero losses. And no, we will not be ranking. We didn’t hand for ranks. We handed because it was the only thing that made sense to speed era up.

I’ll take on a TEAM with 10x more power than me any day. A smart and active player with 500+ R5 though. Nope. Honestly, it’s worse. They don’t need ANY coordination. He is self sufficient even if ALL territory is taken as he has 1000+ conquers. So us using numbers to take his territory will do ZERO damage to him. Only chance we’d have is to conquer him. But he could very honestly out play us on that front too since he positioned himself mid era on an island where the only spot less than 10 ticks ETA attack on him is via relic (and we happened to NOT hold any territory near his colony to top it off).

So I’d have to sit my entire alliances armies on a relic, fly it SLOWLY at his colony while my team is surrounded by nukes. I seriously wouldn’t take milan’s army in E1 currently without 6+ members and even then, I’d be hesitant. And to top it off, I’d have to ensure NONE of my members or ANY OTHER members on the world get frickin killed by him, or else we just gave him MORE R5. So essentially, I’d have to take over and be responsible for about 30-40 players and keep all of them super active (meaning I have to be super active and call them all online) while Milan only has to worry about himself. No thank you. I warred TLA with him. He woke ME up half the time. I know how many ticks he missed. And it was damn near close to none. I was the only person competing with him for wrecks and conquers for a while and he beat me on most of those too.

So asking why I didn’t put the effort in? Because he got too overpowered and to the point where he no longer needed to rely on ANYONE else to help him. Do you know why people hate leading alliances? It’s because you get the burden of having to be responsible for EVERYONE else. It’s tiresome. And every person that fails simply makes him more powerful.

If milan had 2000 power and a couple squads of R5. Sure. I’d take him on in a heartbeat. But to ask me to literally kill myself with lack of sleep to face 1 person while I have to keep the rest of the world safe from him in fear of feeding him even more xp; no thank you. If I only had to worry about my team, maybe. But I know I’d have to pull in the entire world to deal with him (which in itself would be a hassle, let alone needing them to be active). So yes, you can say we gave up. We “could” have fought with him and it would of lasted maybe a week if we suicided. The result would be him losing absolutely no ranged units. Maybe a couple hundred armor kills. The other option would be to stall by just running away to annoy him. Which would mean us being active and losing sleep for about 2-3 weeks and end with the same result.

I’ve held alliances at bay with 50-70 R5. He has over 500. I don’t think you know just how powerful R5 really is. I’d take on multiple teams over someone active with a couple R5 squads any day. It’s been said before, but R5 is seriously overpowered in this game. Once you get a few, it just landslides immensely quick. And simply put, there is no good way to close the gap unless you simply kept up and didn’t collide prior. I however, did not do that this era. 10 R5 was all I had.

And you’ve played with me buddy. You know I love fighting. But I don’t fight stupid fights. It’s like asking 100 men to face off against a nuke. “Maybe I’ll get lucky” is about the only strategy in that scenario.


thanks for clearing up some things malice.


Read last 20-30 posts and it will clear things more.