What's with Bullets/Rockets?

So, I’m kind of confused about bullets/rockets. I know some mech torsos come with bullets and/or rockets, which are used by some weapons - but it seems like they show up pretty rarely now. Are they a legacy thing being phased out? If not, is there a list somewhere of weapons that require them? I’m especially worried about the mythical supreme cannon - my mythical brutality has no rockets or bullets and if the mythic SC needs rockets I might die.

bullets and/or rockets have been phased out. Unless you are using a legacy weapon that needs them. They change how legacy works all the time though. They made them work without ammo then switched it back after people fused all their ammo… But no new weapons need ammo.


Thank goodness. Appreciate the answer, this really makes me feel better. Let’s just say that if a weapon of mine required rockets/bullets at mythical… I might die. But not anymore! whew