What's with all the hate?

Well I might not understand much but I find the new update normal. Autopilot is useful but to avoid people being lazy and progress faster, they just reduced the fuel. What’s wrong with that? Also we rarely use tokens for refilling anyways.


^ very much this.


Did we ask for an auto pilot? I’d rather have my 120 E and grind manually on it instead of loosing half of it just cuz I can save 5 clicks

@Zarkares, read my answer to Mohadib’b post. You will understand…

Auto-pilot was a quality of life adjustment.

Reducing max fuel, and increasing the cost of refueling fuel were quantity of payment adjustments.


Quite simple:
For example: I had 68 fuel at level 46.
That means I could wait for 340 minutes = 5 hours and 40 minutes to replenish the fuel.
My goal was to increase fuel to 120 or even 144 max. That would have been 10 hours or 12 hours of fuel recovery from 0.
That way I could have played once in the morning, then go to work, return home and play again in the evening.
Now with the fuel decreased I can forget about that.

That there are players not using the fuel cap to its limits is a petty excuse of TacticSoft.
Furthermore they completely ignore players like me who can only play 1-3 times a day and use their fuel completely at those times.

The truth is that TacticSoft is simply greedy for more money.
Reducing the fuel cap + increasing the refuel price + hope some foolish players will fall for it = more money via tokens for refuel.
That is their goal.


If devs Decrease fuel timer it will compensate nearly somehow.

Thank you a lot for this topic. (I’M SERIOUS)

The issue is … what the seller can offer for more price.

You make the game more expensive, great. But does it offer better infrastructure? In this case, no.

There are games that just to register you need to place the data of your credit card, but they are great games! With animations in 3D, characters that seem real, with film situations …

But even when you can squeeze the pocket of a supermechs player? What do you offer in return?

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Because people that do back breaking grinding can grind less effectively while people that pay now have more reasons to pay because grinding isnt as effective as before

Im sooooooo getting banned for saying this


not really
with the fuel cap i could exhaust fuel on morning go hang out then comeback & exhaust it again
now instead of 2 full tanks per day
i have 1 every 4hrs wich dosnt even cover a work day