What's use for legendary to mythical pack?

01 PM02 PMIt only give you five transform relic, and transform legend to myth, but 5 of it cost 2500token!?

and it has 100000 gold is useless, gold can easy have a campion and level up in new version.And it price can 7-8 times of a premium pack( 335 tokens, not for sale ( 234), and each can get legendaries. And transfer a epic to legend is more cheap, only cost coin and materials, transfer 5 legendary only cost for 1 week or few days.

I think legendary to mythical pack is useless, who transfer a mythical use 2500 tokens. I think if you can get mythical in chance and legendaries, than 2500 tokens is ok.
Or it can have lower price ( 500 tokens )
Is this ok?

  • Lower price for legendary to mythical pack
  • Can get mythical for chance in legendary to mythical pack.
  • Stay original price
  • Other idea ( comment after this )

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This ridiculous idea must be removed. Cancelled. Eradicated. Annihilated. Any other verbs? Help me!


Destroyed, eliminated, murdered, extinct and waffles


I’ll take the waffles, thank you.


Nein, my waffle!

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I think the relic ideea should remain, but change the use of it.
Like @TechnoDive said in his post :
Use relics to close the gap of epic hp modules and protector :

  1. 1 maxed epic plate + 1 another random legendary + 1 or 2 relics = 1 legendary hp plate.
  2. 1 maxed epic protector + 1 another random legendary +1 or 2 relics = 1 legendary protector.
  3. 1 maxed epic shotgun + 1 random legendary + 1 or 2 relics = legendary shotgun
  4. 1 maxed epic flamer + 1 randon legendary + 1 or 2 relics = legendary flamer.
  5. 1 maxed epic rocket + 1 random legendary + 1 or 2 relics = legendary rocket
    And it can further gain some other uses :
    A random legendary + 1 relic = 1 new random legendary.
    A random myth + 2 relics = 5 new random legendaries
    A random epic + 1 relic = 2 random epics(with a chance of legendary).
    This can add a new dimension to the game, and can actualy make the relics usefull.
    The numbers are for example, they can get bigger or lower.

@El_Metre, as always, you got a hell of an awesome idea, together with @TechnoDive! This brings back to my memory the (failed) idea of “CRAFTING” in the old times. This would be, like whoah! I would use relics like mad!


I like this idea. :slight_smile:

So what you say if instead of bashing the devs we pull toghether and actualy try and change the concept of implementation of these relics?
It would be a rather usefull use of energy, that wont generate so much negativity and ill passions.

here we are :slight_smile:

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Since I chose “other idea”.

I say just remove them all together. it’s a cash grab, and El-metre, even if your idea was taken seriously. I highly doubt their drop rates (out side of a box similiar to the 335 token one) would be anywhere near as high as to even take advantage of the transformation ideas you had.

Remove this box, get rid of the idea, never implement something so pathetically sad to the game again.


blue waffle

lel xd

my idea to end the box, I prefer to buy weapons shop, module, etc.

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1500 T would be a better option

250 would be the value , cause the relics are just transform material and not actual fuse material.


Good vote ( 20 char)

If I had to put an actual price on that thing, I would say 750 tokens at max, but that’s already stretching it.

2500 is just stupid as hell.

Kill it with fire and make sure it never existed

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