What's up with the tiny mechs?


So I just started playing this game a few days ago and I keep seeing people with tiny mechs that have like 700+ health and -25 resistances. Is that a hack?


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You can buy a “perk” with tokens that makes your mech tiny; the mechs you saw with 700+ hp and -25 resistance probably had “God Mode” torsos (which is currently the most overpowered torso/head)


Ok that makes sence. So do we get perks on mobile or no?


Those were just mechs that used the torso "God mode"
It is the one that has more hp in the game but a resistance of -24 because of all the HP that it contains.


Cool, thanks for the quick reply.


Do not waste tokens on perks. They have no benefit, except for the look of them. That’s all they are good for.


TINY MECHS! My greatest weakness! O_O

Yes, what is up with those tiny mechs? Every time I encounter these tiny, nefarious beings, my mech does not stand a chance! Stepping on them does nothing, not even blasting them with guns. Burning does not work…