What's up users


Hello random user. My name’s Crisha and I’m just a random forum user. I make posts on random stuff about the game and complain whenever I want.That’s it, thanks for your time :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forums. Feel free to post all the random stuff you want. The complaining part… try to keep on the lower side please :sweat_smile: Startin to see more SM’ers pop up now.



Bot was able to infiltrate, plz take neccessary steps and make sure this forum doesn’t turn like the old one.


It’s not a bot lololololol, @Fluffeh was on earlier to check :stuck_out_tongue:


Carters way of saying Fluff already stalked our new user.

Ignore these guys and welcome to the forums.


Lets get this forum started. Anyway, welcome.


Started back in late February actually, it’s kina funny to see the SM crowd here now :smiley:


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Thanks then. I was gonna reply to them not until you did. Besides, I’m lazy too do it anyways


do you mean to*?

filling the 20 characters rule…


Capo I swear to god how many accounts is this now xD, love ya buddy but don’t get banned :worried:


this is his usual account


oh whew really? didn’t see he got reinstated after the f2 biz

:disappointed_relieved: mb


:sweat_smile: my god… this blew up… uh, welcome to our dysfunctional family mocha? Don’t let the weirdos scare ya off too quickly. They’re nice and quirky once you get to know them… i think.
*insert sarcasm here


Oh I really would *wink wink


You really would what? :confused:


Welcome Mocha! :slight_smile:


( ͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °) mmmm…


Hey There ^-^


@Malicewolf do you remember, a few years back a new player made a introduction thread and at the end she( yes player was female) also wrote that she is looking for help. Then you and seth of deihard just rushed and gave all ur details Skype id etc and said likefeel free to msg, ask doubt any time np. But later it was discovered that she was a SM player and not a BD player and I and few others on that thread jokingly called you both preverts. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good old times. :smile: