What's the world record for the most tokens?

I’m wondering what’s the world record for the most tokens in my account I had 83k tokens . So… Yeah say what you think in comments :slight_smile:

send a pic of your tokens pls :wink:

I had 83k but in a video I have 70k .
Type in YT AtomX Super Mechs part 1 of 2. With more than 43k views

can you use them in premium pack and told us the % of legendary please :wink:

The question should be: “Who wasted the most money?”


But you are crazy ???

Some Exploiters broke the record.

hey due is you :grinning:

my record …

110110 tokens

… but sure not the most of all, since cheaters found ways to get FREE tokens multiplied :grey_exclamation:


I feel sorry for all the people who values this game more than their real life #Feeling #Pity

Why and how you values this game more then your real life :question:

Explain please :grey_exclamation:

Cos its one of the stupiest arguments about a game …

  • you have no life

  • you “values” this game more then your real life

  • I don’t care

  • etc

WE ALL have a life, otherwise we would not be able to type here :exclamation:

And everybody can do with their time whatever they want :grey_exclamation:

Some have …

  • more time

  • more money

  • more success

… some have less :grey_exclamation:

Nothing bad about :exclamation:

It’s only a game :grey_exclamation:

My record was 83.4k tokens

Wow thats a lot, special if you safed them up from free tokens :exclamation:

Well done :grey_exclamation:


Now I have right 14.000 tokens

Send me one damn! :relaxed:

looks like a photoshoped

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I never photoshop screenshots.

But why you think :question:

I think, @11_11 speak about the unclear tokens texture compared to SM amount and Battle credits

the blurred, repeating groups of numbers, a small offset

means paint :paintbrush:


however I’m indifferent to other people’s tokens
I don’t see where to spend them intelligently and profitably.

I have full video from it :grey_exclamation:

So 100% nothing manipulated - would see no sense behind anyways :exclamation: