What's the point?


these two items are nearly identical, with one costing more energy to use than the other. why do both of them exist? and who would even use the electric axe? we need a revamp.


Money talks.





There are difference.[quote=“Kaen, post:1, topic:1135”]
who would even use the electric axe

Axe is sexier than hammer.


True dat!


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and do the hammer and axe work differently ingame? besides the axe looking sexier


In other words as it’s about “Electrical” and “Lightning” things, you can look at Thor, the Mjolnir is now broken and he gonna use the Jarnbjorn :stuck_out_tongue:

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hmm. that is a pretty valid point. thank you


Electric Axe makes 12 energy capacity damage (reduce your energy capacity by 12) while the Lightning hammer makes 6 regeneration damage each turn (without reducing your energy capacity)
But thanks to this “amazing” new worskhop there are plenty stats that you can’t see now.


There you go @Kaen. Axe <3