What's the most romantic thing


You’ve done or would like to do.


I held hands :baby: because I’m a 12 year old boy with cooties and if I touch a girl, I am a legend


Boys and girls, brace yourselves for I will here describe my first date with the one who later became my wife.

Context: We meet

In the year 2011, good old me had just freshly arrived from France in the city I still live to date: İstanbul the magnificent.

After a few months of hard game party and large women and alcohol consumption, a friend network is established; living the dream as an expat.

This one group of friend gives a weekly diner, with different guests every time.

That time was a fresh November evening, there was this beautiful girl on the opposite side of the table; I, one chair at a time proceed to get closer to her. Had a great diner, the group then proceeds to party, after party until 10am. İ drop the mentioned beauty to her place and leave. İnteresting point is I never ask girls phone number, I have them running after me (girls are only interested with what they can’t get, that’s a good approach here guys), she didn’t ask either.

After one week of daily dreams, I receive a phone call form a common friend, asking why I didn’t ask the phone number, that the beauty is longing for me. İ explain that I never do the first step and that she can share my phone number with her. İ shortly receive a shy “Hey, that’s me, how are you?” that was probably the very first time she made a first step herself. Strong of my victory having her make the first step, I call her, we talk a few days (don’t be pushy guys, let them long for you) and I decide to ask her for a date. She accepts.

The day after, that common friend calls me again: “Are you aware that the date you picked is actually her Bday? Don’t want to pressure you, but we had a large party planned in a crazy place and she canceled to be with you. She seem to really like you”.

“Fak me” I say to myself, “That girl is coming from high society, I don’t know much about the city and the places to be. Even if I would, there would be no way to impress her for she for sure knows all”.

İ came up with what now became the infamous “grand slam” date plan.

The date: Grand Slam

What is a grand slam plan you wonder? Here it comes:

1- Appetizer and first Champaign glass in the best roof top in town.

2- Sushi and Champaign in the best sushi shop in town, by the Bosporus

3- Main course in the best French Restaurant in town

4- Desert in the best Patisserie in town, four season’s hotel, also by the Bosporus

5- Coffee and Champagne in a nice lounge

6- Dancing and party in a sweet nice club, also by the Bosporus

That was the theoretical plan, now what happened in reality?

1- Nice a little cold but very nice. İ had quite some experiences with one night stands party kin of girls, but that was my first actual date in the country; always be careful when you don’t know well the culture you’re in, you might ignorantly say something out of place. Hence the slight coldness

2- Going well, Champaign helping, we get warmer. The annoying flower seller comes by, I decide to gamble and throw my iconic punch line to him: “Thanks mate, but İt’s ok, we already faked”. İf it’s the case, the girl won’t mind, if not the case and the girl laughs, she really likes you. She did laugh a lot.

3- We have been taking our time in the sushi place, combined with high traffic density; we arrive pretty late, kitchens are closed. We proceed to order 1, then a second bottle of Champaign. Excellent moment. No need to eat, fed ourselves from deep discussions and Champ.

4- Thing is closed, we are too late

5- Goes very well

6- Place has been privatized for a damn wedding party, we turn back to the lounge and drink champ until the morning

İ then proceed to the kiss, she lets me.

Accompanying her back home, I can’t help but feel sorry for myself, my grand slam plan didn’t work at all, and half the things were closed.

She found the plan, the failure of it sooooo sweet, I then became a legend in her girlfriends group (always be well with your girlfriend’s friends, in hard time theyll support you).

Today, we are married with a child.

Edit: maybe thats what @Wepwawet mentioned about French men…


Very sweet and a fantastic read

Looks like success not only runs in SuperMechs for you

Congrats on the marriage (how long?) and the elaborate Barney-esque plan to get her

For the lovey tension breaker:
Why are your

like that?


Typed this shit on laptop. Turkish keyboard, we have a letter which is a i without the point. So cap i keeps the point to differentiate.


Beautiful story man

sounds like a movie


Most romantic thing i ever did was…
Well long story short i dont really remember
Oh! thats right!
It was when i was dating a girl in year 2, she fell off a rope and lost her memory, i gave her a card but she had forgotten who i was, so rip that love relation ship, after that i turned into a Lone Wolf, i have friends that i hang out with and have those girls who are one year group younger talking about me but i Am still a Lone Wolf,
“Once A Wolf, Always A Wolf”
Its gonna be a nice cheap like,


Thats Very Romantic, man giving up there B-day for you, wow!
Edit: this was ment to be a reply to Gorgon but for some reason it says its a reply for Winz


sounds like The Vow movie

was about to mention the movie to Gorgon but you brought it up first somehow


Whats the Vow Movie?


movie with Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams

the girl loses her memory in a crash and channing tries to make her remember. He couldn’t so he instead makes her fall in love with him again

based on a true story


man i dont think i would ever get into the drinking scene… or even want to

but that was a cool story


some day I hope to tenderly squeese the jibblets of my willing lover in the heat of passion.


I’m not actually very romantic any more, but in my younger days I had done the whole buying roses, cards, running candlelit baths with a glass of wine.


im not a big romantic but the most romantic thing a girl can do towards me is for her to fall asleep on me on the couch. this has never happened to me because i am home schooled and no girl i have seen face to face has liked me that way. also i am 15 yrs old. thats probably as romantic as it gets other than kissing.


funny this thread should be revived today.

currently re-reading The Sorrows of Young Werther by Goethe and its pretty powerful shit. Romantic in the original sense of the term, not the 50 shades of gray or Jane Austen type literature that women so adore.