What's the limit of numbers of items in the workshop?


Just a thought. Assume I had nothing at hand. If I bought 1000 boxes with credit consecutively, which should be 3000-4000 items in total, would some of them them be lost? Does the game warn players not to make a purchase to prevent this? If 1000 is OK, then how about 10000? 100000?


That is a smart question there. A while back when I was doing the BOOSTING 1000 items campaign, I notice that it appeared that more and more items appeared in my shop as I was boosting more and more. It’s like they were in my shop, yet not there to use until I eliminate more and more. Also, I do have over 1000 modules that I know for sure. I liked the old shop, it tell you how many items you have. Now, it’s like the game is getting downgraded in certain aspects rather than upgraded.


Wow, you counted your modules 20 by 20? That’s really a challenge to me.

BTW, when you tried to finish the campaign, did you receive any dark orange items from the blue item boxes?


After opening 750 boxes I had tons of material. I didn’t counted and can’t say if some were missing, but I don’t think so. My computer was getting really slow while browsing the workshop until I burnt all the trash.
I can’t tell you about 10000 or 100000 items. In my opinion you wouldn’t loose any items but the access to workshop would become a nightmare.
My 2 cents.


Among the 750 boxes, did you receive any M-level things?


There is no limit. But will be lags. And over time, you will not be able come to workshop.


Yes. I did receive some M-level material. The first time I bought 750 box I got lucky to get 5 Mythicals ! But the second time I did this I got only 3 mythicals over 750 boxes, and the third time, only 2 mythical over 1000 boxes.
I’d say 0.3% chance of mythical per box, or 0.1% chance by card. But you know… Statistics…


I have over 5k, i think there is no limit. :smiley:


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If you got 10 in 2,500 boxes then the probability is definitely 0.4% instead of 0.3%. Since it’s tested in a huge amount of samples, this number should be quite stable.

Thanks after all.