What's the latest news today?


I hope admin could be explain this :grinning:




Shiro all got banned including me. We don’t know why. Some of us even only just joined.


Maybe you should watch the company you keep. I am sure you will jump to another top clan of paper champs.


Justice is slow, but still comes.
Thank you for late birthday present, admins. Cheers! :slight_smile: :beers:


Erm, this is a joke right?


WOW that cannot be TRUE !?

They really banned all new cheaters !

CONGRATULATION tacticsoft !!!

You did the first right step !!!

2nd right step would be to remove costs of fusion/boosts and give us who spent tons of real money in old version a little compensation for !

^^ AFTER that we all would be back on your side and we could ALL enjoy your game again - including new update, IF you do step 2 !!!



^^ yes we all believe in miracles !


Im unbanned now. Theres some sort of new system I didn’t get told info


BUT funny is, the one who cheated most in Shiro clan is still NOT banned lol !

Also I hope they do now same in all other clans !



Kig? if so he is banned


What kind of “system” ?
I know about a cheating-dedection system, @Sarah247 told us, but why it dedected you and you are now again unbanned ?


Im unbanned because it detected the clan or something.


Free chocolate for everyone! We should celebrate this day! :chocolate_bar::cake::lollipop::chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar:


But I thought I stole all your chocolate!

Err… I mean… yes, let’s celebrate and stuff.


R.I.P Shiro.


Amen… :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

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It’s an investigation. The team has a new developer, as was mentioned by Sarah in another post, and he’s doing his job.



The apocalypse is coming, see you guys on the other side.


Lol, cheeky rabbit…