What's the best place to Farm?


So currently, I am lvl 91. Farming mission six in last zone until reach 160K gold. Then switch to RB in order to use up the 160K gold. In one day can max out any epic. After school farm RB the whole way. Fuse everything besides epics. Use last of money to buy boxes. Leave 20K. fuse the stuff from boxes away. Left with about 7K gold. Arena battles don’t count towards anything - they give me less than 1K per win. If you have any suggestions, please comment them, and I would like to know how you guys farm. Anything is appreciated :slight_smile: :exclamation:


You doing it right!
Thar is pretty much the best thing to do atm.


that takes a lot of pressure of me @El_Metre :exclamation:
I thank you for your compliment, and I guess I will continue to farm this way. One more thing. I don’t focus on grinding, but rather using the fuel only for what is necessary. I don’t see the point in wasting all your fuel in one lvl. Each one has their own reasons. Hence, I made this thread. I also hope this helps anybody who has trouble farming. Should I stop RB and switch to mission 3 first zone? Maybe that is better. Any ideas :face_with_raised_eyebrow: ?


Fuel cap is 73.


oh. Ok. I will delete that part. Thanks for pointing that out so I don’t get my hopes too high. :neutral_face:

Here for easy gold and exp


Here for free boxes



I don’t mean to be rude, but I knew that already. Sorry if it’s any inconvenience to you :sweat_smile:


oh yeah. and aww… my little babies spinning along with me


Nah i don’t really care, read topic and post answer without reading replyes, that is me as usual.


Go to New Zealand. There are many fields for farms, and over 60 million sheep.