Whats the best heat torso

  • Zark
  • Mpv
  • Brutality

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ah hm where is my windy/windigo


i cant add it anymore lol ask a mod


oh okay here it is then
windy for heat/energy capacity
zark for health
brutality for reisistance

  • Zark
  • MPV
  • Brutality
  • Windigo

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Here u go


oof well bye brutality then


we hoo it my windy i liked it but for health its not that great but good not great


graciasy senor bababababane


Zarkares: incredibly versatile. Usable for just about anything.

Wendigo: when you don’t have the weight to fit Zark.

MPV: when you want that extra boost versus phys.

Brutality: looks awesome… and that’s basically it these days.


What’s MPV? Weko really curious! :thinking:


Molten Platinum Vest


Wendigo with additional psyh res


Windigo is a fat truck, but thats the reason like it


is there really a point in this thread?
I think it’s pretty obvious Zakares is the best.