What's so good about machine gun drones?

What’s the big deal with the machine gun drones? In the end, they drain the same amount of shields as the skull drones, but do less damage. Does the damage increase over time or something?

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Huh?you mean drones like windforge and clash?

If I’m right,it’s because they drain and heat a lot better than the skulls.also windforge is better than faceshocker in my opinion because they drain the same.(except for swoop.its the worst drone in the game)

windfool is a good drone it drain more than snake and do same dmg with drained and better than face shocker because it have unlimited uses but if you want quickly to kill just use face shocker, because all machine gun drone are legendary-myth.
And swoop and greedy sucks

I mean like crow, cosmos.

yes ^^

Cosmos=> Greedy
Crow=> Windforge
Squinch=> Swoop

So I’m right! windforge is the prem version of crow

i dont like them and never used them

Don’t like what??