Whats new in BD?


Malice of wonderland here (not malicewolf like so many people have mistaken me for) just wondering whats changed in the last… 3 or so years since i have played. and if anyone from waaaay back then still actually plays


The Head Has Changed
And with Him
A lot of new features and a Whole New Forum :smirk::grinning:


Oh, i remember you :joy:
We’re going to get confised for one another so much again. I just know it. But welcome back!


I think we were in an alliance once and that made peoples heads really hurt. lol
I don’t think 90% of the people playing anymore will mistake you for me though, since i feel like most of them are newer.
It sure has been awhile though
Currently just messing around on the newly reset fantasy world using up the left over tokens i had from previous rounds lol


In last 3 years well, 1 change is replacement of voting with daily bonus.

Ilona quiting as Admin and product manager. Simmen too has quitted.

2 new games by Tacticsoft. One is supermechs while other one is still in testing named Earth Arena.

Will update more as and when I remember.