What's happened to everyone


Everyone has been weird lately


Htntggnnukhtfedechs sjsicjrihricheidninicjinpekdov


stop making these.

go outside


what you going to do make me go out side


go to sleep you are too active


what a useless topic


Like you’re one to talk…

And what’s been so weird lately?

And why does this thread even exist?


Make me just make me it’s 9:00 pm in hawaii


No it’s bloody not you BS lying son of an idiot lol
20 PM

I bet you lied about your age too


Oh boy!let me grab some popcorn!this will be fun! :popcorn:


I ment for the time I made it lieing about my age bull shit


You wrote this 30 minutes ago lol


then why didn’t you write

WAS 9:00 not it is 9:00


Oh my god let me explain this it was 9:00 pm when I made it I made it look like I was responding during that time


Why?..just why?


Okay 2 things:

  1. Use grammar properly, you 9 year old illiterate.
  2. That makes no logical sense. Why would you do that? That’s in the past. It’s soo stupid.


I really don’t know why


Shut up I am not 9 you dumb ass


(Eats popcorn):popcorn: :popcorn::popcorn:


A 13 year old would have more grammatic knowledge than you in Hawaii.

Plus you sound exactly like one. I should know cause I used to be 9.