WHAT'S COMING ? Tactisoft?

Since there is some kind of bad mojo going lately ( some may say for a while now) around the game and its developpement I’m wondering if @tactisoft would do us the favor of telling us what’s coming…

What are the things that are to be released and there timeframe…

No needs of every specific things… but wouldn’t it be interesting to know ?

We’ve had a few items rebalanced a few months ago… mostly for the best… a few added items… also mostly not bad… Clan wars, I guess it needed a lot of work, results are ok-ish…

We’ve heard rumors of adding arena bonuses…etc…

I sense a bad vibe where the lack of motivation seems to spread… We just need a spark to light it back up…


I know it probably wont be answered, but I’m trying to be un-bored…


Be patient, Update is coming “soon” :exclamation:




I second @Rovolution’s motion. An update on long term plans (like flash player work around) or timetable of game development would be nice. Thanks~


Hi Rovo,
the game is overly littered, overtrashed,
bye Rovo.


New Update will make you :crazy_face:


So far I know we are ither having a new weapon or perk for christmas sale, Might be christmas themed paint,
A item portal is coming up soon as well i think,
The Energy Desolation And Energy Abomination are still overdue,
We might have A Push physical drone and pull Energy and heat drones,
Devs Might Add a Healing Drone
Energy Free Drone, Energy Battery Armor is also due,

Edit: Purple Paint


I just think energy desolation would kind of break itself, it’s meant to be a weapon that helps heat against energy, what’s phys gonna do to an energy mech that prevents it from firing

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May I ask where you got the info?

He’s just listing the typical ideas of new updates

nothing real

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There are still 4 features I have yet to see implemented into the real game that I discovered in bmmdev

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Please elaborate… :slight_smile:

Duke Nukem

Look at all these fragments

Cats and Kits

More fragments??


OT: When the original Duke Nukem was released it was groundbreaking. Loved it!


Damn I loved original Duke Nukem.

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me when reading this:

me still waiting for Enhancers updates, promised since…maybe a year now