Whats better? Ele,Heat,Phys


what is better for a mech can someone list them in order?
Physical, electric, heat


That depends upon your strategy and battle style


Heat mech using USA Mark 1 torso with no heat or cooling related modules.

Don’t forget the 50% heat shield.

And don’t forget to activate it first turn.

Have fun.



Very nice advice :smiling_imp:


Thanks. It work!!!


i got top 25k using it! really works.


i used to play SM around 2015 i started as a Heat/Rocket mech as i didnt understood other build in start (Supermech tutorial doesnt explain u much) , i would say my journey till lvl 30 was awesome , maybe cause others were also like me and they also didnt understood much and mythicals werent much common those days. Then when i reached lvl 30 i found energy build to be more effective. Never got the physical build , never worked for me. IDK if this helps. But i had so many good memories of that Heat/Rocket build. I would like to try SM again some day.


But if you are a new player then put everything on you got and learn from every battle