What's base? Should you enable it?&More informations!

Ts finally released the base feature on Jan 31, which has been planed over one and half years ago.

Since most players didn’t test or even heard the base before, The question in their heads is 'What’s base, Should you enable it? Does it have advantages and disadvantages?'

As a veteran base tester, I also played my alt, which is a base account other then I main for over one years, I knew deeply how the base works and it’s advantages and disadvantages.

So I will explain things and informations about base detailedly, I’m sure after you read this message, you will have a clear mind about the base feature!

Let me explain what is ‘base feature’ first:

  • ‘Base’ is a special feature that only few accounts have during the time it had been tested before it got finally released by ts.

  • The base is your production line of your workshop, you can mine golds through the Gold mines and craft cards and items through Factories to make your mechs stronger!

  • Tacticsoft is the creator and provider of the base, they offered you the base feature to help and make you stronger, but the base feature is not for free, tacticsoft will take away your right of buying sliverboxes from the shop as their compensation for their help, and they are not rich enough to offer you an advanced and fully upgraded base, they only offered you a level one headquarter which is the main building of your base, means that you need to build and upgrade the buildings by you own. They said once you fully upgraded the base, it will give you lots of benefits, a lot more than the silverboxes!

  • However you are not forced to accept their help by enable the base, you can also decline their help if you don’t want a base or you missed @silverbox and don’t want him being fired from Tacticsoft!

What can you build in your base?

  • There’re there types of buildings that you can build in your base, which are Headquarter, Gold mines and Factories.

  • Headquarter determines the highest upgrade level for all structures and amount of structures allowed for construction. (You can upgrade it to increase the highest upgrade level for all structures and the amount of structures allowed for construction, other buildings cannot be upgraded higher than the level of the Headquarter, you can only build one headquarter)

  • Gold mines are used to harvest gold, Players can manually collects the gold that was mined.(You can upgrade the gold mines to increase the gold production per hour and the gold capacity,once the produced gold reached the gold capacity, the gold mines cannot produce gold anymore until the player collected the gold, you can build four gold mines at maximum)

  • Factories are used to craft items. players manually collect crafted items.(You can upgrade the factories will increase the types of items that you can create, they’re common, rare, epic, legendary items and power kits. Product different types of items cost different amount of golds and time. One factory can only produce one item at a time, but you can add infinity items in the waiting list, also you can remove the crafting item if you don’t want it and get all the refunds(expect time), you can build four factories at maxmium)

  • The maximum level of all buildings is 20.

  • You can have 9 buildings(1 headquarter, 4 gold mines and 4 factories)at maximum.

  • You can only upgrade one structure at a time.

  • You cannot use the structure that is under construction. (Such as you cannot craft cards if the factory is under construction and cannot collect gold if the gold mine is under construction)

  • For more informations about the buildings, see the upgrade cost&time and unlocked features table below.

Upgrade cost&time and unlocked features table(Headquarter)

Upgrade cost&time and gold capacity table(Gold mines)

Upgrade cost&time and unlocked features table(Factories)

Factory crafting types:

4250 01 40 50 44 55 06 17 28 37 04 08 26 44
19 30 46 56 17


Whats your personal point of view on this?

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Your Base takes 2.5 days for a premium box? Mine takes 3 days.


Thank you very much @Ricemech88 :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Here is the Poll about …

… with all Pros and Cons (I will add them once we players figured them out together), to help all players to decide what they should do :exclamation:


I’ll share it tomorrow, I’m too tired now…
I will go to sleep now…


I know I wasn’t asked but I play on a base account sometimes and I think it’s great that you can pay 300k gold for a “epic/legendary” but it’s basically just a fortune box


This is all cool but change the ss pic language to English so that people can understand more

Just an advice from a clown honk.


Sorry my mistake, it should be 3 days, I changed it now.
(last post of today)


Wait … what :question:
You can get Premium Boxes from the Base Building System :question:

And IF, they will also be removed from the Shop, once you decided to activate the Base Building System :question:



Like I said the epic/legendary card is a premiubox

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No, not technically a prem box. But it’s an epic/legendary card.

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3 days for premium box?..

3 days and 300k gold for a premium box. You can have 4 of these going, which is 1.2 mil gold and 3 days for 4 premium boxes.


40 per month… well but damn… so many gold… btw how many gold provide one gold mine on max lvl?


how often u need to collect gold and items?

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That is … 3 days to get probably 4 epics, because of nerf that has the premium boxes.

And worst of all is that … those who don´t opt for the new system will not see an epic (much less a legendary) neither by chance.

I am not going to opt for this, but I see myself coming that by force of nerfs on current campaign, we will be more screwed than now.

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Does it affect anything else besides silver boxes?

yes your wallet and credit card…


what do you mean… base hant come out yet…

I have an alt with Base on it.