What'd ya get? (Box openings)


but I’m not an heat user, so I can really tell you ^^


Yea see, I saw it’s stats before and wondered if it’d make a good Ani replacement. Although it’s energy use may hinder it a bit against energy mechs. It could prove useful otherwise.


It is.
Although it’s one of the very (extremely) few legendary items I got from boxes (legend-myth,too!),I don’t find it too useful.
I own 2 physical type builds and an energy type so heat type weaponry aren’t too useful for me.Plus it’s just 1-2 range…I have dual annihilations for that.

Sorry for the repetition but I just couldn’t help it


No worries, and I see, well I had hopes for the weapon. But it’s energy use and the fact I already pack an ani (close range protection), kinda just makes this weapon pointless. But thanks, dual ani’s is a good idea tho (tempting one).


Whatever weapon type, physical (annihils), heat (chaos bringer is the name) or electric (Bigdaddy), range 1-2 is very limiting. It is a plain thing, if you face an electrician with Last words/shotgun/basically any type of pusher, you are toast. After you are drained/heated and pushed out of range, you first need to close the range, which eats up one action point. You will never fire a double salvo, unless the enemy makes a mistake… This is why I am giving up on the 2x Annihilation combo and physicals in general. I am fed up with jumping around like a clown…


On my main i run a bit of an odd setup. For now, two myth CLs, Myth Deso, paired with a myth ani and seraph (until i can get dual magmas). It’s done me pretty good, especially against energy mechs.

Like your heat mech, mine is a work in progress. But hey, works for me, for now at least.


Tho,I still find that strategy pretty efficient:
That combo works pretty well with a charge engine and a grapple (fully maxed,ofc).
When going against energy mechs,you can use the weapons that require energy to weaken the opponent then use the dual annihilation tactic to clean up the rest.
As for when you go against heat types…Well,I’ve got plenty of max heat and cooling so no problem with that.
And yes,this strategy is pretty '‘DRAIN ‘EM BOYS’’ :)))


I found that hybrids also works pretty good…
However,the resistance draining might be a problem when piloting a hybrid (instead of draining a lot of 1 type of resistance,you drain less from 2 types)


Well, I don’t typically focus on draining exp resist, I tend to (since most of my fights give me the option), lean towards physical attacks. But if RNG is with me soon enough, I’ll max out two magmas (hopefully) and change my CLs for those.


ayyy I just got ultrahot protector!!! from color box


Legacy Conventer… I used color kits to that words appear here.


I just bought a color kit for some tokens to show u legacy converter


Also, so bad color kit`s become legacy…
Anyway, if they was used in transform, it will be make us lives easier.
Minimum 20 tokens and 50K gold from epic to legendary.


you got that drone in physics but it came out hot and it’s called archangel, have luck


you got that drone in physics but it came out hot and it’s called archangel, have luck .I forget that is English chat XD


Why is it shaky? to hide something?


A fish? My eyes are bleeding…27 PM


Which drone ?

I never heard about a drone called archangel, in any type…


Someone invested 75 tokens …



And you suport it.
Congrats on doing so much for the comunity.