What'd ya get? (Box openings)



God dang dude , gg on that one.


At what level(s) does the drops increase to dropping legendary and myths?
I’m level 55 and maybe get 1 rare per 30-50 boxes opened :frowning:


Myths dont drop in reloaded


Zarkares dropped mythical.
Look at him.
He dropped it.


Look at who, show me pic


It wasn’t real. He photoshopped an old pic.


Ok so no myths but then around what level do legendaries drop?
Thank you for the previous answers :grin:


any level , but the higher level you are the higher is the droprate.


Is this even true? because, I managed to get reckoning, plat plate, ash creator on a 2 day old, lvl 20 account.

Would at least be nice to know if higher levels DID increase the chance.


I don’t actually have the screenshot of the actual box opening, but I’m lucky as hell to have this:
Jesus has answered my prayers
It was literally my first item from my boxes when I converted my gold.


lol i got bunker shell from the weelky rewards as a level 10 reward
i got the rank 5 reward this time tho so…
lol forgot 2 screenshot


when your a noob and get rid of reckoning…
btw heres my mech… and im not a legacy account :stuck_out_tongue:
24 PM


sigh, I got 51 commons, 32 rares, 29 epics, 1 legend (Chimara)


Gosh,I almost never get any legendaries…:’<
I got 95% (more or less) of mine through fusing and transforming epics…
Gosh,I wish I’d get some these days…Just made my 4th and I need 1 more in order to make another myth


well got another dustmaker from a daily premium pack ._.


Nice… could have been a better one, but still is okish, better then an epic.


Unfortunatly that is the way most of us went.
Grinded for gold like a chinesse gold farmer( wow players know), to get rid of the hoarded legacy items.
Making all sort of legendaries, and then makeing mithicals. I ended up with things i dont actualy use, thought they were good, but some ended kind of crapy( reckless beam, mighty cannon,terror cry,heronmark). But that was at the begining of the reloaded, things were shady atleast to say.
Got some good legendaries back then too(about 8 of them), when BB was droping them. Ahhh the good old days.But what a pain it was to make modules.


Is it really worth getting rid of that weapon on the far right of your inventory? feel like that’s a pretty rare ass weapon (although I’ll let anyone chip in and say if it’s shit or not).


For me, it’s like an heat annihilation with res drain…high direct damage and heat damage…in the 1-2 range ^^