What'd ya get? (Box openings)


man…you guys are so drunk


So, i got this today, the 1 leg in a month


omg. that isnt too desirable a drone. im sorry.


Yeah, i need a clash


Actually that drone does really high DMG, I wish it had some res drain


It has RegenDmg and CoolingDmg tho…


Thats Hurlbat , not dustmaker.


Hurlbat deals EnergyCapDmg and HeatCapDmg
Nemo deals HeatCapDmg
Torment deals EnergyCapDmg
Dustmaker deals RegenDmg and CoolingDmg
Murmur deals CoolingDmg
Anguish deals RegenDmg

I’m sure about that, anyne have a screenshot of those drones in-battle to see the hidden stats please ? To prove it once for all…


DustMaker only deals damage. No secret stats


(from his topic about the Max Myths Stats)

See ? Hurlbat reduces the capacity of both energy and heat, and Dustmaker reduces the regen’n’cooling…
(And if you want a final check, Dustmaker is BB’s drone…check its stats… -_-)


Dude it has hidden stats, as mentioned earlier.
Murmur - Cooling
Anguish - Energy regen
Dustmaker - both


Ill check that later




That thing is fun at myth, but be careful, bloody thing can hurt you more than the enemy (pairs well with Supreme cannon from what I’ve seen)


Aight, first off I edited this (obviously), but these are what I got across two alts.

When I finally have shit I can show off from those stupid fortune boxes lmao (sadlifeik).


Pfff… seems desolation is hard to get.
I got two. One fused. Another one fused into supreme cannon.


I get 2 epic items from free item boxes at least once a week


first run from ramboy in like 1 month


Lucky, I seem to get everything I DON’T need (apart from plat plate). Smh


Dude is there really such a thing???