What'd ya get? (Box openings)


Well, its my 4th but i fused one away accidentally


Darn. If only it were p2w. There are free players that have legend-myth hp plates and bunker shells/death punch and i dont have any of that after all i spent. Its bs


Hah, I have a bunker shell on my alt I use for trolling in arena. Had a valiant but used it for fod (I was stupid ay). But yeah, idk how tf they get plates, like ffs drop me some.


I got my first legendary in a Fortune box few days ago…

At least, it goes to myth: it’s an heat storage module X.X

(I don’t have screenshot here…)


oh shit, keep that, those are rare and hard as hell to come by.



got epic heat and energy engine modules and cooling mass boosters, sorry no screenshots :frowning:


those are pretty common. i have a bunch but dont have a single legendary-myth module :confused:


I’d prefer a platinium skeleton XD


are any of these any useful? or just fusion fuel? spinefall, desert snake, mighty cannon


Have to compare with Grim Cobra and Night Eagle…^^

Desert Snake is good for the pulling top weapon heat version instead of night eagle like I saw…

But seriously, no joke here, why you pictures are all distorded ?


i left a magnet by my screen overnight and now everything looks like this


Don’t fuse anything that is legendary-myth

It’s sad u don’t have a single legend myth mod even after Spending 30k reds I wonder how much these ppl must have spent for 10 myth plates and 1 max protector along with 10+ bunker shells


well, some of the people that have bunker shells and leg-myth plates havent bought any tokens at all. since it matters what level you are when you open the boxes. (modules dont appear in boxes until like lvl 60+)


Then don’t buy now duh


i know. it was dumb of me. but i only found out about the level requirements after opening my boxes


Lol Just buy another 30k :wink:


will do. i was planning on doing that anyways for BD since i’ll need at least 50k before my next TMoK era.


Just send me a few k’s if u want good luck when opening boxes :upside_down: