What you say about a new type of weapons!

This will give us many possibilities to make many builds of mechs and many more tactics,I think this is a good idea from me!And will change the game total!(exp’energy’physical)

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that might be good it is definetely a good start don’t you think @L4K3 @El_Metre


What you say about something like antimater

I like the idea a lot because i only have 2 mechs instead of 6 mechs

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A bit tricky to have.
Because at the moment we have rock-scissors-papper game.
Implementing a new element would change the basic dinamic of how the game works.
Rock(heat) beats scissors(energy).
Papper(phis) beats rock( heat).
Scissors(energy) beats papper(phis).
That is the game format, as a general ideea, with some variations and some explicit counters(not to take them into disscusion).
A forth element needs to be able to beat 1 element, and be beaten by another element… so in the end you need to exponential nr of elements so that the format is maintained, not just 1 more element.
I think…

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You are right but we need more elements to make the game more complex.

Nope, it’s good to have a simple game. If I wanted a more complex one I wouldn’t be playing SuperMechs.
It’s full of such games out there.

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yes but some new elements do not hurt

@L4K3 can you see my post

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Maybe he’s off…

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Complexity should come from creativity.
And i belive that a reduction in wepons range/start up place, would add a new dimension in a simple way.
Start up range is 1.3.5… a further extend to 1-6, with wepons havin ranges of 1-2,3-5,4-6,6-8, instead of 2-6,4-8, 1-4… would improve tactics, and breack a bit this habbit of packing wepons for all ranges, makeing players to narrow their kill zones and forcing them to think followup combos, instead of just pushing kill buttons.
What breacks the creativity atm is the existance of OP drain wepons that can cover range 1-8 that basicly counter alot of the wepons that are available, ans splits the builds into high energy builds with energy depemdant wepons and energy free builds.

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What about duel anni builds?

My bad, wrote about something else.
Dual anihi, kinda of gets their azz handed, by most energy builds, specialy if the start is range 3+.
Last words+malice combo, bunker + valiant combo, buldog + bunker combo, buldog + last words, all these set them out of range, and after that is hop hop hop time, and then hop +bam…hop +bam.

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like electricty so like it can stop an oponent from jumping

Something like antimatter is hard to implement.
But imagine venom type. They deal less damage than physical but apply venom. For example venom spear 100-200 + 30 venom for 5 rounds. There is no protection.

Okay you imagined it?

I’m sorry, but go for more realistic ideas that don’t interfere with main game ideas

My idea for a new type of weapon
1.deal mixed damage(purple color)
2.effect to all resists(e.g. cost 100 damage, Opponent has 10 resist each so 100-30=70 dam)
3.both drain energy and add heat


Hmmm…This would be a dramatic change.
First of all,the rock-paper-scissors concept,as Metre said,is correct.There are 3 elements basically countering each other right now,under the form of a triangle.

If a fourth element would be implemented,the triangle would become a square.
But a square has something that a triangle doesn’t:diagonals.

| X |

So,as a matter or fact,a square is made of 4 triangles.
That would mean that the countering would work differently as well.
Instead of physical>heat>energy>physical,it would be something like this:
New type>physical>new type>heat>new type>energy>new type>physical.
So,basically it would counter everything and be countered by everything in the same time.That’s unrealistic and too complicated as a basis…
Second of all,a 4th type would most probably require a new bar (beside the hp,heat and energy bars).
That would also complicate things by a long shot…
Third of all,an universal type wouldn’t be all that useful…As they say,a master of all is a master of none.As RiceMech said,it would affect all resistance types,instead of focusing on just one.Like this,straight builds would do a lot more damage from only focusing on one type at a time.
Conclusion:I think it’s better off without a 4th type o’ weapons.

Sorry if anything.I wrote on my phone because I’m currently AFK.

Thanks for summoning me as well.
It is an awesome idea but it would really change the gameplay…And personally,as Splatter said,I too enjoy a more simple game.I mean,you have enough strategy and math do deal with when fighting already so a fourth type would really change the picture around…
If you want some more complex gameplay,instead of adding a new element in the equation,let’s think of something else.
Maybe the weapon’s behaviour or such…

Well, that is not really an “idea for a change” yet.
Simply saying “add something new” is not really an idea to change the game.

If you make a suggestion like this then you should also have an explanation / suggestion of how it is supposed to work.
So if you want to suggest a new type of attack element then you should also write what that type is, how it differs from the other existing types and how it competes in a balanced way with the existing types.

Only then you can really claim to have made a suggestion to improve the game.