What You Need to Know About the Nerf?

Some time back I tracked the drops from running Ramboy 1000 times on normal difficulty. Box contents were roughly:

60.5% Common Items
34.5% Rare Items
4.8% Epic Items
0.2% Legendary Items

Since the recent addition of content and the nerfing of drops, box contents have been roughly:

75% Common Items
22.5% Rare Items
2.5% Epic Items
0% Legendary Items

That means you get:

24% more common items than you used to get
35% fewer rare items than you used to get
48% fewer epic items than you used to get
Technically 100% less legendary, though I would guess it is likely more like a 55-60% reduction if the nerfing follows a sequence.

For the data gathered since the nerf, I made 100 runs. It is a smaller data set, but I think its large enough to support my numbers.

I also tried buying 50 silver boxes. The results were close enough to assume that silver boxes now have the same drop rates as mix boxes. So they’re both pretty bad.

Basically, you’re getting a payout of at least 30-40% less. That also means it will take 30-40% longer to level up your items.

Good Luck!



We need to change this sheet.

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You forgot to mention that 2 cards are coming now instead of 3 …almost all the time!

I’m not buying Silver boxes anymore. I’m hoarding all the Shekles like a propah …


Yeah. There are a lot of ways to examine the data. Truly, the nerf is bigger than these numbers reflect. What I’ve shown is so bad already. When you view the entirety of it, it gets so bad that its hard to believe. So, I just present this version.

With how things are now, you’d even have a tough time building a good mech for the GOAT tournament.

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Its pretty sad…
I wonder when this nerfing nonsense will stop

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None of what I typed is what I think things “seem” like. They are what things actually are. They are the actual drops that came from boxes compared to the actual drops that previously came from boxes.

They are normal for me o.o
or maybe I just had bad luck when the boxes were normal before?


Did you farm Ramboy 1000 times after the recent assumed nerf already? It’s only been two days. (mini-edit here too: oh wait I didn’t throughly read the whole post my bad)

EDIT: I’ll also fill ya in when I get a thousand or so items from the silver shop boxes so I could compare numbers with the box chances in campaign.

EDIT 2: Right now, I only received 180 items, with 31 of those being rare (17%), none being epic.

1000 runs were before the nerf
He did 100 runs now

Ah, now that sounds more believable. But I think purplehooter should increase the number of trials so the box chance numbers can be more accurate. I’m doing the same rn.

No. I stated at the bottom of the post that I’ve tracked 100 runs since the nerf. It’s enough. I kept results from the 1000 pre-nerf run in a database. I can pull 100 from it in any sequence or randomly and the averages remain steady. This gives me confidence that 100 post-nerf runs is adequate for my purposes. Possibly a margin of error of +/-3.

I won’t waste my time or money to continue grinding at this point.


remember that power kits give much less boosting power…
so it is even worse…


While this may sound like a nice stopping point, it won’t really show a true average because of how low the legendary chances are at dropping (.2% as your reported earlier). And if I’m reading your margins right, a 3.2% (.2+3) chance of a legendary is 16x better than your observed chances in the pre-nerf. That means basically getting a legendary every 30 or 33 runs on average, as opposed to every 485-515 runs before this recent assumed nerf. Those margins are just too high and therefore the sample size is too low to really conclude anything.

If this was about silver shop boxes, then maybe it could be an adequate amount of items (because it doesn’t have a legendary drop chance at all), but then again, there’s always that precision factor.

It shows an accurate picture for everything besides legendary, simply because I haven’t had a legendary drop yet. Based on the nerf rate of the other drops, legendary would change from the previous 0.2% to somewhere around 0.1%. Grinding for the purpose to figure this out costs money, time or both. Because drops are now so poor, I will not personally spend my money to prove what we already know, that things are not good. i don’t understand your argument. If you wish to “prove” something, feel free to donate your own time an money to do so. I’ve made my point. It is true and accurate.


And premium pack also nerfed
before is 80% epic 20% legendary
now is 95% epic 5% legendary
people bought 6+ premium pack and got none legendary…


Yes. Someone earlier said they’d spent $600 on premium packs and received no legendary. It is so crazy!


How to get legendary after sm reloaded?
----Farming bigboys mission in the first 10 days of sm reload and get tons of legendaries from premium box
but a lot of player missed that…
0$= 100+ legendaries

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$600… oof, don’t know about that

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