What would be my strongest weakness in my mech?

hello I want to talk about what they think about my mech and my weapons that would be better to improve and what to throw


then the convenient thing would be an energy module there in an image appear

You just showed a sith torso

i like your english @Dwightx

me gusta ingles @Dwightx

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I have two types of torsos the sith and nightmare the sith I occupy for campaign and the nightmare for pvp battles

Show your whole mech, not just the torso is what i’m trying to say !

ah my mech is equipped with a torso sith a legs charged walkers a nightfall an annihilation a corruptlight savagery
and if what I am saying is not what you were saying ilustrame

ah and the hammer is called bakbraker

what is your mech summary

926 points of life 77 of regeneration 75 of cooling 14 of damage explosive 164 of energy 312 of heat 14 of resistecian physical 10 of electrical resistance and that is my summary of the mech

what language are do you speak? what country are you in?

what is your first language, i am guessing spanish or italian?

what language are do you speak? what country are you in?
[/quote] I’m mexican

wait so your fist language is spanish?

I speak Spanish, not English

i thought so here i will switch over, i am not that great as i have only been learning spanish for 1 year.

hola senor, lo siento acerca de hablar ingles

Heaters would be tough for you and high hp physicals.

Los calentadores serían difíciles para ti y los físicos de alta potencia.

no me digas señor porfavor solo niño oh otra cosa :v

I am grabbing a mech enrgy I have the necessary weapons for a mech enrgy I have a greamreaper on epic I will improve it to legend

Energy mechs are very expensive in the long run.
I am an energy pilot