What would be a good Energy Build

Ok I will be honest.
Kinda ashamed because, if you remember, I used to be an energy mech.
But I don’t know any good energy builds.
But I am making my second mech an energy mech so lel.

Here you go.

Faceless flagger can’t censor me

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For what.
Still asking you for what.

It’s a good energy build

Are you saying energy is trash =_=
I asked for builds not trash cans

Ask master bonobo @Mordulec.

nice profile picture btw

@TechnoDive copyrights


I guess you are getting ready for the EMP massacre, huh, smarty?


“EMP” …

monkey 1

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I will drain you all and bomb you to hell with my boiler afterwards

Well , emp will become the budget bunker shell now.

that is if the emp will be something we think it will be , with these devs you never know what item we’ll get

EMP’s mechs next update
EMP users -->Bigshiee


Accurate enough to be so hilarious

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