What weapons have you got from the emp portal you like

this is mine so we can also disscuss builds please provide pics if can
15 AM 56 AM




3 emp and a lot myth food(really so crapy food) but emp…

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Builds for portal or for arena?

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yah i guess for both

waiting for a supreme cannon and brutality drop…


Nothing worth,as usual.

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Dont give up! And you take your storm weaver!

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Hell,I’ll give it one more run just because you said that!

Edit:No box… -_-

Got 2 Legendaries so far :exclamation:

1 ok, 1 not so good :exclamation:



I got no weapons
but I did get an epic zakares and a legendary zakares :stuck_out_tongue:

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this was the legendary torso i got
50 AM

only flaminator… then nothing good

you talking to me or not me

I’ve gotten tons of Epics on hard and quite a few legends as well, but my prize of this portal was the sparked runners I got, i’ve been looking for wheelchair legs for forever!

Ive got jack crap. It is pretty hard to beat on insane. 3 blues is the best i got. On the file my brother gave me i got 2. My main on my file is am energy mech, it usually freezes or gives me nothing,

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This portal sucks, 10 outta 10

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Hey, for the first time I will change my usual Mordulec attitude and say that the portal is awesome this time. So far landed 3 legendaries, 2 mythfud and… tadaddddaaam… Grimson Rupert. I adopted him instantly.


I got this straight from the easy mode’s fortune box , appreciated it

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you lucky custard