What weapon is this?


Hello, would someone be so kind as to tell me the name of this weapon and the range it is?


Mercy,1-2 range, insane potential damage, 3 uses, one knock back, zero cost, 10 resistance drain


Up to 400 damage I believe


in range I referred range of epic, legendary and mythic evolutions because the scope and I know it but still thanks :slight_smile:


Legendary to mythical


well now my hopes of getting it dropped because getting a legendary letter is very difficult that bad that does not have its epic form


Mercy-----------(84kg) 197-440phyd, 10 phy drain, 1-2 range, no cost, 3 uses


who cares I don’t have one:smiling_imp:


Thank you for sending me the damage of the weapon weight attack range @Ricemech88 @PyroBlitz


I personally hate ANY shotguns for this matter , always 300+ damage.

they should really nerf it


did you own that weapon? no? then you don’t know the bad side


thats a legacy item. it was used in old super mechs


Thats the mythical Mercy