What weapon do I improve?

Hello lately I wanted to improve a mythical weapon but I do not know what to improve so I come to ask you what you have to improve?

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  • corrupt light
  • DawnBlaze
  • Super Cannon
  • Dron nemo
  • Enrgy Mass Boosters
  • Cooling Mass boosters
    [/poll]I Well the one with the most votes will be the best so vote for me while improving legendary to improve it all at once Another force will improve what they ask me even then and a lot of time to improve everythingthis survey closes on the 20th


the survey is for only one to improve and then there are different surveys in the future on what to improve


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I would laugh if just when I improve the weapon that is the most voted to mythical that I touch a magma blast xD

keep electric items to upgrade the energy booster separatly ^^

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Just quit the game so you don’t have to worry about stuff like that.

really my only weakness is energy, although it is what improved every day, so it is not such a serious problem

To me, first the cooling modules. It´s no use having the weapons to max, if modules fail. Without a good cooling they can simply overheat and leave you without playing. After torso, the modules always follow.

my cooling module is quite good then I will improve it to the legendary maximum but for the moment I will improve a mythical weapon depending on which is the most

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What I want is a chest with epics, so this boss left me no choice but to beat him :confused:

With windigo you need 2 cooling mass booster to max. With that is enough.

is what I have planned 2 chillers a heat generator and a cooling mass bossters and an erngy engine so I would save space if I get a legendary plate of life

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Well I think with two epics it will be enough to be 5 legendary now get money

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I had faith that he would give me two epics but he gave me a power kit

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The best you can have in your account is both money and tokens

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now hold on to the desire to spend it and occupy it for the next mythic

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Well I think what you see is winning the Corrupted Light by 57% the nemo drone that in second place by 31 & and the cooler in third place with 6% the super gun equal with 6% and the two items do not have botos I already have everything for improve at once so vote continue to vote :smiley: the next mythical to the force will be my cooler because if it does not overheat my mech and I do not want that