What was your original mech before the big update?


this was my old mech


As i know about wiki…
The flame is called…
Inferno Mark II


ah thanks (20 chars)


Btw i did not tell you what i had…
WEPONS AND TOP:Electric shotgun and a electrical beam
That’s all


I rocked energy and heat.

Dual Novas and Dual Lava Sprays.

Good times…


I rocked 3 of them.
Electrical was my fav


I had a death punch mk2 2 lava sprays mk2 and some other stuff i can not remember


A somewhat weird build…

Yoshimo X
the legs which could walk 2 range and jump 3 range (like rollers but without jump ^^)
Meteor (myth)
Mass Deflector
Hell force (but was looking for Meltdown)
Apocalypse Mk 2
Evil Rock

That’s all ^^


That were either
Golden Springs (epic, lv. 26, 73 kg, 2 walk, 3 jump, 60 damage, 2 knockback, 36 HP; probably premium item cause cost was 52 tokens)
Tappings (legendary, lv. 18, 53 kg, 2 walk, 3 jump, 48 damage, 1 knockback, 36 HP).

Btw. I only started playing SM after the reload.
So I got no pre-reload mech.

The info I got from the still existing SM-wiki:


Yoshimo X (because I’m poor)
Mammoth Legs (they’re light)
Needle Blaster MK2
Ultranova MK2

If I could use anything in the game, it would be:
Needle Blaster MK2
Needle Blaster MK2
Other stuff I don’t care about


I used the CancerShell build:

Diamond Shell
Heat Orb Cannon
Black or White Hole Blaster (I forget which)
Repair Drone
Energy Shield
Lightning Gate

Final Stats were around 590 HP, 120/105 heat, 187/96 (Idk) energy, and ~31 all resists.

What I loved about Bully was that if the range all lined up correctly, I could push an enemy to range 8.


you forgot the invicibility Mk2 as module ^^


I had God Mode with two metal shredders, very badass


before all the myths, i only built up a galaxus a with dual demolishers, a kinetic pointer, that yellow stampede boots

after the intro of myths, dual needle blaster 2s and rino(?) boots and a mega mark, evil rock, hellfire armor.

with those bullet modules and leg plates, thats it, or well all i could remember anyway :thinking:


Utilities are evil rock,myth grapple and +1 to the weight for the 1kg teleport(I lost it)
it still has bullet storage(myth)

and my other mech is God Mode,cannon feet and dual heat swarmers


26 PMthe third most popular mech before reloaded… the second was the heat version of my mech except there was a lava spray… and the first one was the heat version of my mech except there was no lava spray and its cooling was godly


i cant even explain how mine was… sad


I had the Orb Cannon Mk.2, Blue fire and a legacy version of the Mercy shotgun which I don’t remember it’s name.

An Energy Galaxus torso and legs, and that three-eyed drone which I don’t remember it’ s name.


All I rember was yoshima torso healer drone mark 2 phy orb cannon apocalypse saursrifle


I remember how it looks but got no name or pic…man I had a really good mech…I loved it to bits because it was cute looking