What use is it to change his name for this player?


Can anyone tell me what use the currently in raid ranked 1 player cheater has from changing his ingame name?

I mean it is pretty obvious that he cheated or exploited some bug and I bet more than one player reported him for that.

And he cannot change that number after his name and that is what the people investigating his run will use to identify his account no matter how often he changes his player name.
So why does he change his name?


Stupid is as stupid does?


As a joke and to proclaim he does not care lol


As you can see in @Winz_Kay, I’m not trying to hide. :)


He was taunting me for my post about it, it seems. It is a shame that more and more prominent players are using exploits. I thought we were done with this with people like Aeres and WhiteCrow gone.



Now his mech rests in peace.


Poor lad, minecraft obsessed now lol


Yes, I can’t do with his hypixel screenshots spam.


@KilliN tá usando exploits mesmo ou os cara tão paranoicos contigo?


Na real, eu completei a missão normalmente e fiz aquele tanto de ponto sem fazer nada, mas nem adianta falar nada que eles não vão acreditar msm.


It’s explained in the other post why this score has to be the result of an exploit or bug. I’m not saying he cheated necessarily, but no matter what, the score should not be so high.


If i said it was me would i be lieing?


@KilliN fica ligado que com essa paranoia da galera, tu é o proximo depois do aeres desse jeito hein :joy:


He was asking, not confirmating.


God, not another witchhunt. Leave the people alone will ya.


At least he’s free lol.

poor cheating bstrd.


Do you think Killin cares?