What up pilots?


Hello all. Been reading the forums awhile but just made an account.


welcome to the forum


Hello @TheDoctor…Welcome to the Forum!!


Sup man


nice to meet you :smiley: Glad to see the community expanding! Make sure to go through the learning process with disco bot!


Welcome to the forum! :smiley:


Welcome to the place were people talk about a pay to win game, and other random ish.


Welcome to the forum!
In here,you’ll meet all kinds of people,you’ll learn a lot of things about SM,you’ll be able to talk,to debate and all that good stuff also :slight_smile:
This is a really awesome community.
Let’s get along from now on.Glad to have one more in our ranks here :))))


Hi there! Welcome!!

Get ready to learn all about the 20 character limit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The forum is full of everything.
Have fun searching here.


Howdy! Welcome to the forums! :slight_smile: