What torso should I use?

  • Windigo
  • Zakares
  • Avenger

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Zakares… definitely…

Zarkares… it’s :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

im using a windigo rn, you sure?
Plus ive been having energy problems lately and zakares torso has less energy

Im a physical user so I defeat energy quite easily =)

Alright, whatever you say.

I used to use Windigo but then I changed to Zarkares and My mech has Dominated other mechs



What should i do for energy though, maybe get rid of my worse heat modules and replace them with energy?

Nobody can make any assumptions till we see your build, dont scrap that windigo yet. Screenshot your build with mech sumary and modules, show me, and I can help you

Wow,alright thanks.:ok_hand:

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im on mobile so i cant screenshot and ill just pass the windigo onto my 2nd mech, it needs improvements anyway.

Alright. Choose wisely though, dont let anybody tell you zarkares is just a better torso. IT varies widely per build

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That’s zark…and that’s what everyone want’s


How about this build for the modules.
3 Iron Plates (Or 3 Platinum Plates if you want.) = 120 weight, 435 hp. (If you have Platinum then 945 hp.)
1 Energy Booster = 15 Weight, 63 Energy Regen.
2 Energy Engines = 50 Weight, 178 Energy + 84 Energy Regen.
1 Heat Booster = 15 Weight, 63 Cooling
1 Heat Engine = 25 Weight,. 89 Heat + 42 Cooling
Which the modules itself would weigh 225. Kinda heavy I know, but with the Zakares (1135 Hp, 193 Energy, 64 energy regen, 312 heat, 112 cooling, 16 physical resistance, 24 heat resistance, 16 electric resistance.)
362 + 225 would be 587 weight itself. Then the legs… Either Iron Boots or Rolling Beasts.
With Rolling Beasts, it weight 134. (451 hp.)
Iron Boots is 138. (478 hp.)
So if you use Iron Boots your total weight there would be 725.
With Rolling Beasts, 721.
From there, use any weapon and build you want to do.


So lets start back at the modules.
I wouldn’t use any type of iron plates for Energy Builds.
So, modules.
2 Energy Engines = 50 Weight, 178 Energy, 84 Regen
2 Energy Boosters = 30 Weight 126 Energy Regen
2 Heat Boosters = 50 Weight, 178 Energy, 84 Cool down
2 Heat Engines = 30 Weight, 126 Cool Down.
This lightens it up a bit eh?
So then the total weight for the modules would be 160 weight.
Then zakares, which turns it to 622 weight.
Plus Sparked Runners (Energy version of Rolling Beasts) = 114 weight. (363 hp.)
Or Charged Walkers = 122 weight. (413 hp)
Or Lightning Supporters = 124 weight. (413 hp)


For module set up…
Probably almost the same as the energy set up, but with a bit less heat and adding an iron plate.
Legs, you can use
Scorching Feet = 122 weight (413 hp)
Devouring Paws = 121 weight (394 hp)

Yeah I know I typed a lot. But please do read through this so you can build the mech you want. For other types of builds, I don’t know. You can customize your own. I’m just a supporter.
Here’s the source I used.

For legs, any leg works really.

Any legs. Meaning common Iron boots -_-

I would defiantly go with Zarkares this is my mech build.

That…is thicc af boi.