What to upgrade with

I have decided to upgrade my nightfall…but what should I upgrade with?

  • Maxed legendary Interceptor Torso
  • UltraHot Protector

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The module you might get to use once,but I guarantee that,judging by how many torsos there are in the game atm and better,you’ll find no other use for the Interceptor…Go for it

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Um idk 20 characters

I have a Maximum Protector so…

Well idk.
Even then,I’d personally give out the Interceptor for I wouldn’t find a thing that’s more useless than that…UHP works well with Zarkares too and doesn’t weight that much.Maybe something for a future mech…
Transform material or a good base for a bad mech.

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oh…ok fair enough…plus the Ultrahot protector is legendary to mythical while the interceptor is epic to mythical

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