What to do with old items?

after the update you’re no longer able to have unlimited items in your inventory. I have around 1k old items and it will cost more than 10 million gold to use them as boost items. Not even that, i had 2 ultra energy kits that gives you 500k energy. When i use them to boost the new items they will give you around 5k and that’s not fair ._.
My idea…
beein able to exchange your old items into gold/tokens
an example:
common > 1000 gold
rare > 3000 gold
epic > 5000 gold
legendary > 10000 gold or 15 tokens
mytical ( weapons, modules, specials ) >35000 gold or 40 tokens
mythical (torsos and legs) 50000 gold or 60 tokens

that’s atleast my idea how to get rid of your old items ( seriously epic items are as strong as old mythicals )

sorry for my bad english ._.


This is a cool idea ! Please make it Tacticsoft ! New SM sucks


i agree…
Invite all into this conv


I lost the desire to play again don’t want to assemble the robot labor of the player you’re not interested in that player for a long time worked on the mythical items


Great idea ImmortalHunter!!!:smile:


I really like the new changes butThe major issue I am having is I can not even upgrade the items I have with the amount of gold I have.
I will not have time to earn the gold in the next 30 days.
SO what then ???
It is a simple issue of math.
I do not have the gold to take all my old items and use them to upgrade new items.
I do not have the time to get the new items that would be worth up-grading.
I have played this fame for over 3 years , maybe way longer and I have a ton of items.
For me it is not really even a option of want too. Because I would love to work up a new mech.
It is a mater of time. I do not have the time so my only option will be to spend money for tokens and gold.
That is not right . I can not speak for everyone but I can speak for a group of people who have spent hundreds of dollars to support this game . You have given us no option but to spend more money . Do the math . No one who has over 1000 items has the gold to upgrade the items they have and get new items without spending money.
Now this is just bad business , At the least you need to let people upgrade items for free with the existing items they have.
It would be nice to be able to trade in a myth for a role at a new item.



too many items, not enough gold. I’ve been hitting up the campaign to farm for gold… PvP is a race to the bottom for me because my mech is not strong yet.


i have played for a little bit and the best solution is to drop back to rank 20 and start at a common mech then transform as you go and in no time you have a mech that is strong enough to do arena and the campaign is easy i have been playing for at least 2 hours on this update and my mech has about 500 health but isn’t the great. i also lost my rank 1 and am now a rank 7 :sob: :sob: :sob:


yeah… same here.

my mech is too embarrassing for my current rank. I’m heading down to a lower rank, too.


i wish i could trade in old items for credits or equivalent items.


New super mech sucks.
wtf happened with this game?

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ok so this sucks /… literally all of my stuff is LEGACY and cannot be buffed as i have been around sence pretty much the dawn of time … pretty sure this is the case with all 3 of my accounts … wtf do you guys spect me to do huh ??? and yes im typing poor grammer like so effink what ??? i mean seriously why you gotta go and eff this up for me :rage:

sorry dont really know where else to whine ab out this , for real this suckx monkey poo

@jomz when you did end up farming gold I hope you’ll be able to get epics legendarys or mythicals because you can’t get them from campaign .

@DTrump Farm the last mission from bigboy to get gold if your mech is strong enough he can beat it in one life.

So far the best item drop from campaign I ever get are rares now.

Epics and legendaries (which I haven’t personally experienced) that drop from campaign is a thing of the past.

We are forced to craft stuff from rares now.

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