What to boost first?

I’m building a heat mech, and i wonder what is the correct strategy to boost stuff:

This is my mech

And these are my item levels

I originally started with the “max out most important item” strategy, so i started with torso and now my main side weapon. But its much slower to do 30->40 upgrade than to do 1->20, or bring epic item to legendary. What should I focus on next? bringing my strong items to their max or making sure all of my equipped items are “decent”?

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  1. Forget about investing a single boost point/coin into a weapon you will eventually unmount to replace for another one (legendary-myth). In this case do not touch the flame thrower (it is epic max). You may focus on other leg-myth weapons…
  2. The most important aspect is to go mythical with all items. So if you can, myth the torso and legs for HP/heat/energy. Then go for weapons. Then go for modules. In the meantime you might also boost drone. I would touch charge/tele/hook as last options.

You should just do one thing: look at this thread and deal with the mess you’ve done.

I am a developer, Mohadib and Sarah will answer there.


So as i understand, MetalLegend is jonny’s player account. And that deleted post of jonny’s is when he made a mistake and posted from the wrong account.


torso and legs get hp. resistance etc.


Hope so cuz people are pretty mad atm.
I appreciate you replied to my message, at least. It’s a good attitude.

And yes, I am also MetalLegend :slight_smile: i play during my rides to work and experience the game as a player, learning from the community here


So it is more effective to take the time and bring torso to mythical than to bring 3-4 epic items to legendary?

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Shouldn’t you have thought about that when you coded this game? :frowning: :wink:


upgrade as per color type.

  • remove epic flame thrower
  • keep only 1 top weapon, 2 top weapon throw you out of 1k weight limit.
  • upgrade grenade launcher till legendary lvl 1, possible in future you may get reckoning shotgun.

2 energy engine 1 energy booster
2 heat cooling booster

and he will remain at a distance of 1-2 unarmed, stomp is negligible.[quote=“MAX_Kill4Free, post:12, topic:8725”]
keep only 1 top weapon, 2 top weapon throw you out of 1k weight limit.

stay desolation as energy coast-free.

phys weapon on heat mech? not need.

the bad thing is you gotta get them 1st, its not that they just fall into your lap, ya gotta start somewhere, or play with nothing and die.:smiling_imp:

use my account that is okay :slight_smile:

I did it like 50% torso and the rest on one weapons and 1 module module, so that my torso gives me HP and resistance as my weapon slowly add damage. Then once my torso was maxed Id start on my legs with the same ratio 50% to legs rest to weapon and module. once the legs max I go 50% on 1 weapon and 50% on 1 module till i’m maxed and I call utility weapons like charge or drone weapons but start with your guns then drone then utility…

We would be glad to hear your opinion as a player about the game after a while.

Feel free to ask whatever you want/need to know :exclamation:

Only thing I wonder a little bit, can you not also ask your team, about such things :question:

I am pretty sure they (should) know that even to the smallest detail, since they calculated everything/every number in this game.
And they sure have somthing like a gameplay-structur, database, where it should be easy to read this/such info out of it :exclamation:

Or you are very young and new to the dev team and you need to learn all these things :exclamation: :question:


Why do you carry so many weapons? With half of those, it would work better.

My order (my personal one, but this is at the discretion of each one), to boost is the following:

  1. torso (always at max 50 myth).
  2. legs (max 50 myth).
  3. modules, with that torso you need 2 cooling mass booster myth +50 and 2 energy engine myth +50
  4. Complete the weight with HP plates, take them to max.
  5. drone
  6. top weapons: remove the savagery and leave the one that does not consume energy. side arms: leaves only the grenade launcher and 2 (or 1) corrupt light (they are called corrupt light ?, I still don´t know the name of all weapons by heart…).

On this mech you could do without hook and charge, although they could be useful if you face an energy.

Use the 1k teleport. if you save it from the previous version.

That may work for you Wepsy, but not for a player at his level.

@ToxicDoll’s suggestion fit way more to his player level …


I am assuming it is because he is low level player and his module slots have not opened up yet.
Lower level player mechs have a lot of free weight because they have not opened all their module slots.
I am assuming this from my observation of his torso/legs inventory he has no legacy items so it makes me think it is a new account.
What player level are you @MetalLegend?

i would bet by wipeout flametrower (dont get used to keep epic max items) and savagery
then upgrade desolation and legs to lvl 40
next evolve everything to leg lvl 1
then use @ToxicDoll strategy with the items u wanna keep