What? this is all i get?

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get prankd



Cause tactisoft.

But yeah about topic…that is just…stupid bug

it was not a prank and it was not funny, and also i found it offensive

Ridiculous Lol, Elcent’s disearse is spreading.

It’s called the extreme stage of TS nerfaholics syndrome that we are currently experiencing.

a stage of TS whatchomacallits now?

I mean… whhy should you get the full prize for not battlling at all?

the player quit on you right?

what? are you really 30 something? sheesh

36 to be exact. though some people say i act like a child.

Not true
(Then again I never really see you much in super mechs or in the forums soooooo oof. am a 12 year old yet my voice sounds like a 18 year old. Hurray.)