What this game turned into


They do …sometimes. But obvious things are obvious …like OP items that disrupt the balance, I.e. EMP


yeah, but like many people have said… they would like the weight not to be 70, but maybe 55-60
since 70 is too much now

and also many other things like buff archimonde
or nerf VS
we’ve all mentioned some good things and so far they have heard but changed it into what they think is right which tbh may not be as good as the other ideas people have had


Quite true, quite true.

However, they do what they think is right at the end of the day, regardless.


yeah… i wish that at least they implemented some of the things we said… even if with other things they chose what to do


Why some really believe tacticsoft, do what members of the forum want or say :interrobang:

Very often this is the true case …


It’s kind of like the claw is what every one has its crazy but you could use that to you advantage like use a push back weapon and use other weapons to make them move into the place you want then get them but phy are getting strong and kind of op so it’s hard for like energy to kill them but they need more health and need maxed arena states but that still might not help so then the developers need to make a weapons to make it counter the claw or we all can try and think and make a counter phy with claw mech.

its not a joke and I am not kidding and I just want this game to be fair and this stuff is coming from a person that does not have much good items


and it’s impossible for heat to
since heat has the most disadvantage…
i rest my case

i just had to quote this… not really a reply


lootbox simulator reloaded


tell me if i’m wrong, please tell me, but wasn’t the cry of yours that make the nerf on EMP and the Claw?
Please, don’t talk bullshit to me again, all this shit in the game happened because of all the cry that physical and heat had to make, so yes, IT IS THE PLAYERS WHO MAKE THE GAME!


the problem wasn’t the claw man, it was the drain of EMP who make them so frustrated…


Good to see that bestof is now in agreeance.
Exactly why we must help the 90%. They are the ones who rely heavily on either overheating or draining energy. So energy and heat should be buffed for the 90%.

Either that or make hp mods and heat/energy mods easier to get and upgrade, for the 90% of players.


The 90% have spoken.
So are we going to listen to the 90%? Or to the top 1% (eg bestof)?

In fact, since theres only 1 pure energy player in top 10 (and he doesn’t use EMP), what does that say about EMP both in the lower 90% of players, and in the top 1% of player? Essentially the same thing.

It’s funny how the logic behind these arguments always goes:

  1. If the bottom 90% want something, let’s use the top 1% (eg. but theres energy player in top 3) as evidence to counter their argument.
  2. If the top 1% is used as evidence for something (eg. there is only 1 energy mech vs 5 physical mechs in top 10), then we say it only affects top 1%. It doesn’t affect bottom 90% blah blah (eg. “To draw any conclusion out of Top 10 can never be representative”).

So now I present to you both the bottom 90% and the top 1% as evidence.


Just a fact:


Id be in for a git gud session.
Emp at say 40/45kg. Spartan at 60/65kg would make some sense and force physicists to rebuild. Would be nice.


Good for me because I don’t have and use those weapons


The Emp now is a way different story it’s drain is so much so the only way I think we could deal with this is high resistance and 700 energy and 400 regin I don’t know if that’s possible but that could solve the problem plus if you are a phy use anialation I can’t spell it correctly energy free and save the charge so it can be used when you have no energy left then anhialation and shoot it 2 times


@Mordulec, felt the sadness yesterday mate. Hang on, hammer might come in handy.
Here, some bananas:


And this is why Morde will get a black eye and sleep on the door mat… because he’s really into :banana::banana::banana:


that will be the end of heat…they are already kind of useless against phys…(at least at my level)


the question is on which end you start to peel…:rofl: