What this game turned into


Your opinions are against things that make the game fair.
And i was just pointing out some of the things you and betsy were against.
Basicly things that would breack a bit the gap between f2p and p2w.
The things thay generate so much debate are that some focus on personal game goals over fairness and equality.
I cant help but remember how in the name of “fairness and equality” you and betsy came with another nerf proposal to The Claw.
A topic that cost Rrr a ban, and got closed.
But on the topic betsy has about another nerf to the claw still is allowed.
Just saying, these things are not ok.


Wait … his or my fault :question:
You will sure claim it was mine … mmhhh :question:



If the devs had intended the game to be ‘fair’ in terms of what constitutes ‘fair’ in your opinion, then they would have designed it that way.

What about the things that are ‘fair’ in terms of the cost/benefit to TS? Should that not be considered as well?

Should fairness not be a compromise between what’s best for the players and what’s best for the company in offering something which is available to play for free?


Damn… they changed the PR at TS and i didnt get the memo?
Well in this case do be a sweetheart an pass on the message… “Change the PR of your company, it isnt really good”.

I am really worried that this will have a negative impact on platplats flow in the game


Qu’est-ce que ce jeu est devenu ?
big mistake since update:
315 hp and hp epic.
resistance too.
mine tokens.
box 1% legendary chance
all weapon damage rate was too much, etc
i buy a hundred box, nothing worth= it’s racketeering


PR is @Sarah247 job. If you think she isn’t doing a good job, then you should address that with her. I for one, and most others here in the forum would disagree with that. However, you are entitled to your opinion.

My statement is my own opinion, whereby i merely suggest that fairness is a two way street that is shared between the players and TacticSoft. A realistic viewpoint that few take into consideration.


TS could make money with these forum debates.
Show us a 30 second ad if we already posted in the topic in the last 10 minutes.


This sounded soo Moldavian, @TechnoDive how are the homeboys? All good in Chisinau, Kahul?
I come pay you a visit.
@grosboss you were spot on with those coments.


Well, but there is one issue you ignore when simplifying things so much.
That issue is about the question “Why are many of those 99% wearing a blue shirt?”.

The following is just an example about a possible scenario and might not fit the actual situation of the majority of players but could actually be the case:

In the top 1% the players have enough (= lots of) mythed and maxed out modules like Energy Engines and Heat Engines.
Therefore the status of shutdown and energy break can be avoided in most cases unless you run into your almost exact counter build.

But for 90% of the players that is not the case.
Those 90% of the players simply do not have many mythed and maxed out heat / energy modules and even better said do not even have modules that can be mythed at all.
So in their positions overheating into shutdown and draining energy to energy break still works really well.
This makes those types viable and good for those players.

That however is not due to a balance of types but due to a lack of mythable modules.
As such once those modules are obtained and players can adjust their mechs with mythed modules the situation starts to change.

That changed situation is the current situation of the remaining 9% between the top 1% and the bottom 90%.
They have obtained heat and energy modules and can now build mechs with better energy and heat stats.
The fact that they still use their previous types of mechs however still does not mean that the types are balanced.
Instead the simple explanation is that the players must first myth and max out those modules which takes time.
After that they need to look for good physical weapons and a physical drone to then myth and max out those physical weapons and the drone, too, which takes time again.
Only after they mythed and maxed out enough modules, 3-4 physical weapons and a physical drone would they use a physical mech in PvP because using a physical mech without a complete weapon set (including drone) would not work.
So those 9% in between top and bottom could be said to be in a transition phase changing their mechs.

So if that is the case then the top 1% actually can be used as an example for how everyone playing the game long enough will end up.

This scenario is based on one simple fact:
Heat and Energy modules that go from epic to myth are actually not dropped that often and hence often missing for many players.


Absolute correct :exclamation:


But that is a thing about game-designing, and the work of tacticsoft :exclamation:

And not about …

  • if a single item got nerfed

  • if some supported that needed nerf

  • if I win a lot or not

  • if I win with or without shield

  • if some pay real money or not


P.S.: you are one of first ones about this topic, who discuss with real facts, and not leaded by not-liking others, or just thinking of themself :exclamation:

My absolute respect for that, even we had a different opinion about an other topic :slight_smile: :exclamation:



Well, if everyone always had the same opinion then this world would be boring, right?


What is the topic about?
Do you actualy know?


The topic is an “intervention” by the comunity to @Mordulec rage that stipulates the fact that his energy mechs got their azz whoped in 20 matches by phis mechs that dominate the ranks.
It is a call for :banana: and suport… :beer: from him

And we were doing this until you showed up with

This piece of trash oftopic.
This whole topic was about fun and other things.


Funny rant …


Maybe you missed your own post which was CLEARLY before mine you mentioned yet …



This is what started this sheet

Your first post…
Choke on a :banana:
Have a :beer:
And suport @Mordulec, he needs it.


Nope - one more time not correct …

One of your posts, way before my first post …

So, every single time you try to prove something, it is not correct :exclamation:

So may I ask you please can you stay on facts, if you try to claim something - thank you :exclamation:





Please, NF, AN, Mercy and even SC does a lot of damage and nobody stayed asking for nerfs of them… nerf on ENERGY was just to satisfy the pure damage abusers with claw and all phys OP weapons… such physical crybabies players…


“such heat crybabies players…”

“such energy crybabies players…”

… the devs make the game, not the players, nor forum members :exclamation:



well maybe they should try listening to us sometimes