What this game turned into


I completely agree your comment there’re people who thinks “like 1 person is top everyone can” but the tops have the better things like you say platinium and magma .-.



Not all can be top …

  • that was always this way
  • that will always be this way

… and once more to explain it once more …

To draw any conclusion out of Top 10, who are less than 0.2 % from all players, can never be representative :exclamation:

BUT a single example, that an only Energy user is able to get to the top …
BUT a single example, that an only Heat user is able to get to the top …

… proves that the 2 types are still very strong , and sure not UP (compaired to physical) :exclamation:

How and in which way the game is unbalance about ALL types (all player ranks) is a different story and only ALL data - which tacticsoft collect for sure - can show which type is maybe OP or UP :exclamation:

Maybe its clearer now :exclamation:



I would have to disagree. There is a clear inbalance between the three types. Unless, of course, you can pay thousands of dollars and get all the good premiums, then everything is fine. But without that priviledge, their is imbalance.


There are literally no top F2P players, and that is by design. Spending money is an absolute necessity if you want to get to the top spots. There is no way around this factor in a F2P game. It becomes P2W at some point. How else would the game make money?


By using the buisness model of other mmo games, which I might add, have been very succesful.

Spending should not contribute your place, but instead the time it takes to get there. This makes life easier for the players, but also entices more money to be spent as less people would be quitting and refusing to spend because of the total lack of chances for F2P


can you see that the most of top player have physicals ¿no? and you’re one of those that’s in “nerf this” “nerf that” just because for once people without L-M have a chance to defeat and win more fights, have a chance to rise in rank


If you have suggestions of better business models than the one being used, then you should bring it up in a dedicated topic, or contact the devs directly.

I for one, would be happy to not have to spend tons of money on this game :slightly_smiling_face:

I do so because I find good entertainment value in it, and I wanted to progress further than rank 3. When I was at that point, it became quite obvious that I had to either spend or just quit, stagnating is just not my thing. I thrive on forward momentum.

In any case, I understand your concerns and frustrations, I’ve been there, done that.

Best of luck buddy!


This is the 3rd topic in wich you promote that ideea that top ranks is a bought place… where only P2W players have their place.
Please elaborate on this, on the grounds that only those with big wallets should be there.

  • nope, most of the Top have mixed mech types, not only physical (a facts)

  • I only support a Nerf, if a item is really OP as EMP was / The Claw still is, not for my advanatge, I cannot win more then most of all (so this is sure not my intent)

  • and tops will always these people who spend real money
    (otherwise spending would make no sense)

That is very correct :exclamation:


But tacticsoft has 100%& a different management :exclamation:
You should know this after all this years :exclamation:



It does not need any elaboration, it is painfully obvious how the game is designed. I did certainly not make it this way, so don’t take it out on me.

Fact: You want to become a top player, then you have to pay. There’s no way around it.


see the replays of the top ranks it is weird to see some heater or electrician


And once more you try to go against a persons opinion, and not against the real reason for the p2w situation :exclamation:

Tacticsoft doing this model of game, not @Mr.E :exclamation:



Exactly the thing.

  1. Dont allow eplates to go legendary.
  2. Dont introduce Splates that can go to legendary.
  3. Let seraph as it was 600 dmg wepon.
  4. Nerf EMP cause it forces use to change builds.
    5 Nerf claw cause f2p players can use it to beat p2w players.
  5. Let me use broken legacy shields that give me 500-700 hp advantage for 12 kg.
  6. Report/bash others that want to breack r1 without paying money.
  7. Have a high friend to have my back.


You want to be here with us… pay more then we did?



very funny …

I may help you …



Totally not my words. My words would be “that only those with big wallets CAN be there”

Massive difference in just one word, so don’t attribute wrong statements to me.

Thank you


Don’t allow… Don’t introduce… let… etc etc

Listen to yourself man! You talk in a way that implies we have control over this game and how it goes forward. :joy:

Heads up: We don’t have even the slightest say in this, but we are entitled, as are you, to our opinions and ideas, even though you may detest them.

What is more sensible, promoting ideas that benefit even a few people, or promoting ideas that damage (spite) just one person?

Transparency is transparent.


Let him has his phantasies :exclamation:


P.S.: maybe he mean that I am in a good contact with the devs, but that is my privat thing :slight_smile:


Your opinions are against things that make the game fair.
And i was just pointing out some of the things you and betsy were against.
Basicly things that would breack a bit the gap between f2p and p2w.
The things thay generate so much debate are that some focus on personal game goals over fairness and equality.
I cant help but remember how in the name of “fairness and equality” you and betsy came with another nerf proposal to The Claw.
A topic that cost Rrr a ban, and got closed.
But on the topic betsy has about another nerf to the claw still is allowed.
Just saying, these things are not ok.


Wait … his or my fault :question:
You will sure claim it was mine … mmhhh :question: